Super slow trading lost me money, AGAIN!

So yesterday I put in an order to sell some shares on the UK Market, this morning it took 7 minutes for the order to go through loosing me £600!

This is an absolute joke. What other platforms are people using because it only seems to be trading 212 that does this to its users.


Was it a low volume company? Maybe nobody was buying, or nobody was buying at the price you set?


Without a few details eg company and time it is almost impossible to help you!

On your wider point - what would T212 gain by losing you money?


I’ve never had issues other than with small cap but that’s to be expected. I think T212 is a great platform and commission free.

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@beancole There was a 1-minute delay in execution but not more. Cineworld started trading a bit late today - 08:05:49 instead of 08:00:00. That’s not something we’re responsible for.


1 minute delay for all or for that situation specifically?

Just as an additional note, remember that if you are a buyer, you must have a seller. If you are a seller, you must have a buyer. That’s basically what keeps the entire stock market moving - people buying what you are selling because they believe it will have value. It can sometimes take a while for orders to process in low volume stonks because of this.