Support Cash Pies

Especially now T212 are offering 5% interest on GBP, I am interested in moving one of my savings accounts over to T212, however before I would do this I’d want an easy way to segregate my investment funds from my general savings.

The best way I can think of doing this is allowing a cash pie to be created, where either a full pie or part of a pie is designated as just cash. This cash would earn interest and would not be invested in any particular instrument.

If this, or a feature with a similar effect were implemented you can bet on me moving funds over.


Yes, together with Flexible ISA, so would I.

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With the introduction of the 212 Debit Card, we’ll also introduce a feature that will allow you to segregate funds into different pots. I think that matches what you have suggested as a feature, but let me know if you have any additional suggestions so I can forward them to the team :raised_hands:

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That’s good to hear, will it include the ability to segregate free funds into different pots within an ISA account too?

Sorry for the delayed response. The pot segregation I mentioned is related to the card linked to the Invest account. We’ll check whether segregating the funds in your ISA account into two can be done in the future.

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