2 Factor Authentication doesn't work?

I switched 2FA on a few days ago. Initially, it worked as it’s supposed to - you type in your username and password to get in, and then it asks for a code from Google Authenticator.

As of today it isn’t working - it’s just letting me log right in with just a username and password, and not asking for the code from Google Authenticator. I’ve checked in the settings and 2FA is definitely enabled, but it just isn’t asking for it.

Anyone know why this is? I don’t feel comfortable storing money on a platform where just a username and password is required, for me 2FA is a necessary condition to use the platform.

Same after the app update today 2 factor seems to be broken.

It’s working for me now but not reassuring that it wasn’t yesterday…

Although I have a theory that perhaps the 2FA system remembered my machine/internet connection, and didn’t require it on that particular machine anymore? There is an option to delete remembered devices, so this probably has something to do with it. Although I did try it on 3 different computers yesterday - 2 of which I had never used to log in to Trading 212 - and 2FA was not required on any of them, but they did share the same internet connection so perhaps that is why.

Can anyone from Trading 212 confirm?

As you can see there is option, “Forget all devices”.