Switching Between CFD & Invest Accounts

Hi All,

I don’t have the tab on my app to switch from CFD to Invest and Vice Versa. I signed up to a real money CFD account which I did not know the difference against Invest but now even if I try to re sign up with Invest account it is telling me that the email is already registered for Real Money! Anyone can help, I am accessing this from U.A.E

Hi Ahmoodys, I’m signing on to your thread, because I have the same problem, so we can track answers on either thread.

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Let’s hope for a response quickly and most importantly a solution!!

Browser or smartphone app? On smartphone just tap on the top bar, then you will see the circle with % there you see CFD/Invest choice.

Hi Chantal don’t see this option on my iPhone app or even on the web?

@Ahmoodys & @MSB The Invest trading account was still unavailable in your regions when you joined us. Yet, now it is, and you can close your current accounts, create a new one and you’ll see the option available. :v:

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Hi Chantal - no, not in either.
Ahmoodys, I’m just adopting a workaround, and starting a new account with another email address. Unfortunately, once/if they authorise it, I’ll have to wire all the money out of the account and back to the new one, costing me transfer and currency exchange fees. Unless they figure something out in the meantime. However, having opened the new account, I can see the options to switch between CFD and Invest, and the investment account functions.

@Tony.V actually myself and my friend signed up the same time however he used the app which showed him the option to choose either invest or CFD or both while I signed up using my PC which did not! So speaking of availability of the Invest account, it was avialable! Now to sort this our is the only solution is to close it and reopen again? I am sure you can do something about merging the two internally from your end? If not can you tell us the procedures? Shall I withdraw my funds first then ask you guys to close it then re apply again? Note that I want to use the same email. Please help thanks

No, it’s not possible, I’m afraid. Otherwise, I was going to offer this as a solution already. You have to withdraw your funds, close the account and our team will change the email (of the existing account), so you can use it with the new one.

@Tony.V so I have withdrawn my funds and asked the team via email to close the account so I can re sign up, how long does this “Reset” process usually takes? Thanks

Me too. The platform said I would get an email about the funds transfer and I’ve heard nothing about the transfer, nor about the account closing. This is the worst possible timing, since markets are about to pop.

How did you close your account? Through email is there a specific app tab?

Trust me if is best timing, you dont want to buy on this bear relief rally. Expect new lows in upcoming weeks, once financial guidlines start to be withdrawn 1by1 for each major US company…

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@Tony.V I have signed up from another email until my other email gets deactivated to speed up the process. I have used the same exact documents that was approved before now I got a notification saying that the details entered are not matching the proof of residence! I mean it was approved before! Can you please look into this please :frowning: ? As per the team they asked me to sign up from another email and then they can switch the emails later on.


@Ahmoodys You have uploaded two different proof of address documents in your accounts, and there seems to be a mismatch. Thus they were rejected. As for the rest which is currently awaiting verification - you simply have to follow the instructions in the email and wait for your turn until the account gets reviewed. You already have sent us several emails with your questions, so you just need to provide our team with more time.

It is pointless to post such threads here, asking for prioritization. It is not fair for the rest in line, waiting for our assistance. Also, I would advise against sharing your email publicly - keeping your account privacy is a must.

@Tony.V To be honest I am frustrated from this process! I know you guys are busy and overwhelmed but I feel the verification team is not clear on what do they need!! You told me that I have uploaded 2 proof of address documents and there is a mismatch, where did I upload 2 documents?!! I uploaded my utility bill (only one document) Secondly I want to highlight again the main reason I am opening a new account is that as you previously told is to open a new account in order to have the invest option and using a new email! I did that with the same exact documents as used previously with my other email, which was approved by your team. Again, with the same EXACT documents. How come it was approved before and now it is not accepted?!! Please elaborate on this! Also, once the email from your ID team came saying there is a mismatch, I have replied them with an additional tenancy contract proving my address, what more is needed!

I am not trying to ask for priority here but I have applied for this account for a week and that is not 72 hours that you claim, it is way more! Please be clear with us on how long the process takes and what is the issue with the documents submitted!


Hey Tony.V - I followed your instructions, uploaded verified data to new account, and WITHDREW MY MONEY FROM CFD ACCOUNT 8 DAYS AGO. Still have had NO REFUND OF MY MONEY. What’s going on?


  1. I can see that our team replied to your email 2 hours ago, and they’re expecting further your reply.
  2. You have initiated the withdrawal, and our team requested your bank details (on 30.03) to finalise the transfer. To speed up the process, you should provide what was required.

Once again, guys, I’d like to draw your attention to this topic, and namely: