Unable to Bank transfer- name - ✅ Solved

Hi, So i tried using the instant bank transfer feature but as i use and have different names it wont allow me to process this deposit and i am unable to do this bank transfer to my stocks trading 212 account as the trading 212 account holder name has to be same as the bank holder name. does the name also have to be the same as the account holder for a normal bank transfer or is that only on the instant bank transfer option.

One suggestion would be finding out the name used on your bank account and then contacting 212 support to get the name on your 212 account updated to match (e.g. in my case I had to add my middle name)

If still an issue after doing that then reply here because it could be a formatting mismatch between bank account name and 212 account name - in which case one of the staff here can change the system logic to account for the format.

Not sure on your query regarding normal bank transfer, sorry.

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oh okay i will get support to do that and hopefully it works.

will let you know if it works

thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Hey there @MSTR,

Check your inbox when you can. I’ve sent you a DM. :slight_smile: :email: :postbox:

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this has been resolved… i’ve contacted support and they’ve guided me on what to do :slight_smile:

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Hello I’m having the exact same issue could you DM me please. Thanks in advance

Let’s try again @JVP.

It should be working now. :slight_smile: