T212 forcing people out of PXMD but orders not executing

This is a really frustrating situation.

PXMD has moved from NASDAQ to OTC and T212 says that this does not comply with ISA rules so shares held in ISA have to be sold. However, the company has appealed the moved to otc so this could be reverse meaning that the forced sale would have been unnecessary. That aside, T212 is imposing a limit of only 909 shares which at a share price of $0.25 equates to $225. I already own in my Invest account so I’m being forced to sell my ISA shares and cannot buy in my Invest. Please please please can you urgently consider increasing the limit for the number of shares that can be held in Invest so that I can simply buy the same shares in my Invest that I am being forced to sell in my ISA.

That aside, buy and sell orders are not executing (including market orders) so at the moment it seems impossible to buy or sell anyway. What’s happening?