Take Profit Limit order; help needed please

Hi @David, I’m also interested in knowing why this limit (in this scenario for Stop Limit orders in my ISA) is required as i cant find any info anywhere. The difference here was about 40$ for FSLY


@RF00 The reason is similar to the one below. We’ve raised it now FOR fs,y & are working on removing it altogether for all securities.

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Would be nice if this feature worked please? Just bought some stocks that are really for the long term. However, I wanted to have a safety net loss limit of 10% below purchase price. I can set this on some stocks, but several of them complain and force me to set a higher price. i.e. The logic seems inconsistent?

@PeterO Could you let us know which stocks & the distance you’re trying to set?

I know that I had calculated a stop loss price at 10% below market value for:


Hopefully that helps with problem diagnoses?

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The aforementioned stocks have been revised and the max pending distance has been amended.

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Any further news on implementing these requests, please?

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Any further news, please?



Nothing further to report. All seems OK now.


@David Hello David, I am having the same issue with Gamestop stock (GME), when I try to submit my Limit order, I get an error saying the price is too far from the current price. Hoping you can vonfirm if this will be resolved soon, and when? I have to make a decision this week to move the funds somewhere else, I prefer to stay on Trading212 though.

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Distance of limits on GME has been amended. You should not find any issues setting your desired limit order.

Hi Peter, it is still not working. I just attempted a limit order at a high price and received: “The entered price value is too far from the current market price”

If it makes a difference, I am on the trading platform and not CFD.

Can you please amend that asap?

Trying to set the limit order, Just 6% and getting this same error , This thread has been going for 8 months and issue still persist , why dont you guys fix it for all the tickers once rather then drip feeding ?


Any update on this @PeterA @David

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Hi @David, I am having the same issue with ETF “3SLL”
Can you amend it from your side?

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Would be grateful if it were removed for COUV also please

@Gari @joaorduarte @Rcsdd The maximum distance has been increased.

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Hello, i’m having the same issue with TAUG. I just bought at 0.16, but would like to sell 50% of my shares at 0.45, i’m using the limit function and all I get is “The entered price value is too far away from the current market price”, please ammend. And also look into creating a TP (Take profit) function with share quantity on it, would be so much easier and useful. THANKS Phil :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue with TAUG :cry: