Is there any idea Tesla will go down or up today

Is there any idea Tesla will go down or up? Any comments please . Because I have done a big mistake I put money on Granite 3x short Tesla. Thanks

Nobody can really say one way or t’other with much certainty. That said, you may be relieved to know that it’s down about 1% in pre-market at the time of writing.

Not a clue if it has any bearing - but Graniteshares 3x tesla long is down 6% so far today. Not sure if short would be the opposite?

It certainly won’t be going up or down by any dramatic level today. The quarter earnings are due the 27th so I would imagine unless something fantastic/nasty is leaked it will only fluctuate with the general markets until then

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Billions was lost last year shorting Tesla

@Shamim2021, if you are not comfortable with your position or do not fully understand the product that you have bought I would suggest selling your stocks as soon as you can on Monday and conduct some research so you understand it better.

This is not financial advice, just a fellow community member’s thoughts.

One thing though, no one knows what will happen with the market, particularly in a short time frame. More so with Tesla which is highly volatile and risky.

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Can you post a chart of your purchase so I can have a look?
I don’t think shorting tesla was wise but depending on where you came in and what your exit price would be for profit you may be OK this week coming.
There’s been talks of a lot of insider selling this past week so leading up to the quarter profits we may see some unexpected volatility.

At 3x you need to be very careful and set a stop loss you are happy with, tesla can moon within minutes

Tesla will drop some point in the next couple years as they lose market share but who knows when

This is unlikely due to the expansion of all of the elements of teslas businesses, short term volatility I 100% agree with. Long term drop from today’s value, not so much


Any idea shall I sell it on Monday or any hopes. If it recovers at least. I don’t mind to sell it by 500/700 loss. Any comments will be appreciated

Earnings are the next catalyst. It could collapse or could breakout further. It’s up to you whether you want to get out before that.

Was better idea to put on Long Tesla

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On a 3x there’s no right decision tbh, this has lost almost 100% in 4 months so I’m not sure which way you should go.
I’m certain in my own mind that tesla can’t fall under $800 without something going seriously wrong but it could, this is the trouble with stocks with such volatility.

My only advice is to steer clear of leveraged shares unless it’s a slow mover.

If Tesla goes back to $880-$900 or up over $1000 as so many are predicting you’ve lost your investment.

As you have a fair bit to lose please don’t take any of our suggestions as actual advise, you must be happy with your own decisions.

You could also hedge by buying 3x long and then atleast you have removed any further losses until you can see which way the shares move? If they continue to climb then sell your 3x short and try to make it back through the 3x long position? This is a finger on the pulse trade and I wouldn’t do it myself

Tesla could definitely go back to $400 IMO, but can also go to $1000. It’s value is based on the markets attitude, and at the minute it’s happy to pay big premiums. Still long Tesla though, still lots of long term growth from today’s valuation if they continue to execute

@cavanhagan What do you think about the buying equal 3x long? I’ve never done this before but many people do

I don’t do CFDs so I don’t know much about them, but I see it as a bad option as that way you just lose due to the overnight fees.

Too expensive to hold long term. If you’re looking to have fun then go ahead. But if Tesla does drop which is definitely a big possibility you’ll lose a lot of money. If you’re holding long term just buy normal Tesla

I was referring to @Shamim2021 buying a 3x long position to slow his current losses and then selling whichever is losing and hold whichever is gaining? This way they might get back some money atleast and not incur any further losses

Also, for a 3X leverage on a stock like Tesla is it not cheaper to go for the Graniteshares ETP?

Although the Rolls Royce one had a massive issue, where the stop loss was triggered or something like that and customers lost everything. I guess it went 33% at some point intra-day.