Tesla Off Topic Rant

Only reason Tesla is so high is bcs it is a meme stock and bcs the fanboys of scammer called Elon Musk.

The cars are trash. They even make them in a tent.

Are you suggesting things made in a tent are of lesser quality? I’ll have you know… I wasn’t made in a tent.


I don’t get the Tesla hype. So many other companies are ahead of Tesla in autonomy and other fields. It’s just the ‘musk’ effect a current mania stock that’s gone parabolic in my view. I mean look at the charts, everything is wrong with it technically and fundamentally… If you’ve made money I’d get out. What do I know though.

When matey down the pub says buy tesla, im selling.

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Who the hells ahead of Tesla I’m near anything? Autonomy no way

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waymo for starters

Is that sarcasm? A Lidar system? Sure it can do one small area but not has to be trained for every location and doesn’t adapt to changes in environment. It’s doomed

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its not doomed more than a scam company called " I lost my bumper driving 20 km/h" tesla

If you think a company that cant make bumpers not fall down, can make completely self driving car you are fooling yourself.

Get ready to ruuuuumbleeeee! :popcorn:

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Imagine believing anything Musk says, even top AI researchers are making fun of him and his claims he makes on the future of AI

No one is ahead of Tesla, that sounds like info you got from a mate down the pub. They are literally ahead of everyone in electric vehicles technology and autonomy

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look at Nikola…hasn’t even built one vehicle and doesn’t have a factory and is worth 16 billion, now that kind of hype I don’t get, at least Tesla has a product and a consumer base.

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NKLA is the best company.

GM cruise is also ahead, there’s a few. Plus that new GM EV looks amazing (lyriq,I think…) compared to the dull Tesla’s, boring cars.

I’m pretty sure Mercedes are decent for EV tech. I’d much rather a merc than a Tesla but it’s preference I suppose.

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Exactly this proves the illogical sentiment to these types of companies.

Tell that to ARK Investment portfolio manager, she doesn’t have access to all this data… please help her! :clown_face:

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C’mon, it is obvious, Tesla will have car monopoly, will expand solar panel business, have monopoly as renewable utility. Buy now at 1500$ and you will be rich person in 50 yrs. Ask Elon.


she’s predicting like 6k as future price so buy price is still low now.

Look at Norway…read about how other brands are overtaking the Tesla dominance this is a perfect case study.

wow ark, the best investing company ever wow.
Go look at GM holders then speak . :clown_face:


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Iaguiar you post clowns do you always use a self portrait for your signature. Your quick to criticise and we aren’t being rude we are just being objective I mean Tesla could boom I’m not saying it won’t I just don’t think it will. Well not on the scale people think.