Tesla stock split

How ever you mix the formula up, it’s all the same thing.

Let me put it this way, I have a cake and I ask you to pay me £2 for a slice. Well in order to know what kind of a deal you are getting, you need to know the size of the slice (Number of shares outstanding) and the size of the cake (Market cap).

I totally disagree with this.

The market capitalisation can’t be changed unless the share price changes.

But that’s how math works.

Tell me how a company increases its market capitalisation then.

I was wondering exactly the same!
1st time for me. I too only had fractional shares in Tesla and was the biggest part of my pie. Then I woke up this morning not understanding what had happened, my free funds was up, & Tesla was suddenly missing!

I suddenly went into shock mode thinking of lost my Tesla from my portfolio and not understanding what happened so why why.

So you’re 100% right .
Iam lost and now reading all this to finally get dinner understanding as to what what can happen.

So I’m assuming it just means I have to buy back into to my Tesla stock which was all fractional shares anyway?

Thank you

I had 0.19 Fractional Share, and for some reason they withdrawn a small part of my money out, and left the rest in cash on my account.

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I’ve got mine paid on $1660 price aprox. I hope I will get the others too, since the market closed on 2200.

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I’m still getting my head around it… But Thank you for this Martin :+1:t3:

By creating more value in the market by producing goods and services, while hopefully increasing profits and revenues.

I take it you had less than 0.2 shares?

What do you mean by this?

What do you mean by this?

Ok… My first time for this… So thank you for this Vedran.

I think this is what’s happened to me since i only had Fractional Tesla shares to the sum of approx £280-300.

Suddenly this morning… Bit of a shock as to what happened!! Shares seem to have been released as Free Funds but no longer seen in my “pie” diagram.

So can I ask (everyone else also) is it just a case of buying back in in before Monday morning?

Thank you Vedran (and all) for your info views and education)


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If you’d had 0.2 shares or more, you would still have had at least 1 Tesla share.


It’s the same thing. How do you know what a share is worth unless you know what the whole thing is worth? Share value and market cap are the same thing.

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You know what a share is worth from the order book. As far as I know, that’s the only thing that determines the share price.

I got exactly the amount I should get, but in my history it says 7.8$ withdrawal ( converting to USD from PLN ) with the title “TESLA split”, and other than that I have 420$ Account Ballance

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Everything looks okay with the Apple, Tesla EQ splits.

Please, keep in mind that the cash in transactions that appears as a deposit is the trading result (profit/loss) of the closed position. The initial investment to open the position does not appear as a deposit but just gets unlocked as free funds & doesn’t show elsewhere. We understand that makes the cash flow a bit hard to track as not everybody remembers their total funds before the split, so we’ll make it more intuitive for future stock splits.

As for Tesla CFD, there were a few positions with small quantities that didn’t get adjusted/closed correctly but we’ll have that solved very soon.


But that doesn’t tell you how much of the cake you are buying.

Edit: I don’t want to spam this thread anymore so I’ll leave this here.

Market cap = Numberof shares * Share price

= Means the same as. Equal, being the same.

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