Tesla - Vote on reincorporation of Musk's 2018 Pay Package

Hi - can T212 confirm if and when will Tesla shareholders be able to vote on the upcoming vote on reincorporation of Elon Musk’s 2018 pay package.



We currently don’t have official information regarding the event from our provider, but we foresee offering access as we have for past Tesla events. We’ll let you know once we have any news :raised_hands:

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Quick update - we sent control numbers for the upcoming annual meeting. Shareholders must cast their votes by 12 June 2024, 23:59 ET.


Before anyone votes, keep in mind, does the worlds richest man, who just sacked 10% of his work force need an extra $50 billion dollars?

When Tesla car sales slowing down and in some markets it has dropped, with the Chinese built cars now becoming main stream and BYD, SAIC and GWM car sales are growing very fast, Tesla has been caught with its trousers down.

As always, do your own research.


What’s the alternative Mev say no?

You need to be a bit of a cutthroat in business at times and directors pay should be aligned with company performance. Forget the eye watering amount but did he meet expectations (paid zero salary for a lot of time and incentive in shares), so why not continue to incentivise / reward that?


Mev - please be careful not to spread confusion.

This vote is for the re-instatement of the original compensation package that was set up to incentivise the CEO to multiply the company value and stock price multifold - which he did achieve, therefore we have to be careful NOT to confuse today’s performance with the period of time the original compensation package covered (which this vote is for).

It’s like buying car insurance today for £1000 with all the unknown risk for next 12 months, then trying to re-negotiate your price a year later, after you’ve had no accidents, arguing nothing actually happened so they should only be paid £100.

CEO performance for this latest period will be dealt with by a separate compensation package which is yet to be voted in (pending result and conclusion of this package first).

As you say Mev, it’s important to do your own research.


Ok. If you feel that given him $50 billion is acceptable, vote how you feel.


@mev202 not only is it acceptable, it is a complete digrace if he doesn’t. Imagine someone offered you $50B to do some almost impossible task over multiple years. Everyone mocked and laughed at you saying you’ll never do it but despite all odds you did that task. And when you’re due to payout, someone then voids the agreement. How much you have or don’t have is irrelevant. The deal was made and the next to impossible task was achieved. Voiding the agreement was corrupt behaviour from the Delaware judge who had some personal bee in her bonnet about Elon. It’s unnacceptable to have an impartial judge like her.

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Techader, please. Stop believing everything that odious little man Musk tweets.

And to accuse a judge of bias all because you don’t agree with their decision sets a dangerous precedent.

I fear you are too far down the rabbit hole to see things with any sort of reality.

Also, it’s interesting that it’s 12 months since your last post and your return to messaging is to over defend someone you’ve never met.


Oh well…

Tesla only became what it is today thanks to Elon.

Therefore, please vote for his salary package!

We need Elon!