Thoughts in Lucid Motor (LCID)

Today up about 30%
I do not think you will ever see Lucid in US$20 again. This is not Nikola (NKLA) they have started delivering cars this end of October. They might already taken off from here.

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Prefer Polestar (GGPI) myself but if you’re trading LCID looks volatile enough to give you some opportunities.

Just a Tesla wannabe.

I also belive GGPI (Polestar) is also good and the price is still low. Also they already start delivering cars in October. They already have a Definitive Agreement on 27-09-2021 But they have not announced the merger date.

The risk here (but might be small)

The Merger fall through

It is not uncommon that after the ticker symbol is changing the share price will drop, however good the company is. This is mainly due to sentiment against SPAC recently. Also it might be that whales or PIPE investors (if there is no lock up period) are dumping their shares as soon as the ticker symbol is changing.

Hopefully this trend is reversed and the people confidence on SPAC start growing up again.

But I might start opening after the ticker symbol change hoping the price fall. But if not, never mind. I will just wait another opportunity when there is a dip.

I also have Tesla (TSLA) for my pension, Not plan to sell any single share. :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

But with market cap of already US$1T+ how higher do you think they could grow ??

Polestar, Lucid still have a lot of potential. And the share price is till affordable as well as valuation.

Can you explain “affordable as well as valuation”?

This guy is doing a great job. Just be aware sales/revenue prediction of most SPAC stock is exagerated.

Polestar CEO Interview with CNBC

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simple minimum 50% annual growth until 2030

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