Voting on Merger CCIV

As so many of us have lost potential profit from not being able to get out of our CCIV positions as we don’t have access to After Hours or Premarket…

The next obstacle is going to be the VOTE to agree to the merger. Looking at how badly SBE was voted for, I’d like to be able to personally vote for the CCIV and LUCID merger.

@David please can Trading 212 start the wheels in motion, so those of us left holding the bag can actually vote in the upcoming merger.

As share holders I believe we have a right to vote and this should be honoured.

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You can’t really blame T212 for suddenly not having the ability for AH/pre ? It’s not something they have taken away. You have known this was the case before you bought the stock, its fairly common for stock to move outside of standard hours. If the broker doesn’t support it then its the risk you take holding swing plays after 9PM or into a weekend. I wish they had AH/pre but they don’t yet.

The shares are held in a nominee account so I don’t think you have the ability to exercise voting rights .


Holding the bag? Man they haven’t even started producing cars yet. You don’t think the share price will increase once they start producing cars ?

The merger is happening.
The cciv and lucid would loose billions if it didn’t go through.


Its worth ~5 Billion market cap tops so at 260M shares it should be about $20 a share max.

The $60+ it got pumped to was well over 3x a realistic goal.

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I think its market cap is bigger. But that’s besides the point.
if you buy at the top you stand “holding the bag”
Hope you learnt something @UrbanOutCask
Stock market can be expensive.

Could be a $100 stock next year so I’m holding.

Going on their own 5 year projection $24 Billion.

However currently with zero cars and no product, $5 Billion pushing it.

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I vote YES as this might be a right tool to gain faster access and been able to merge stocks

You knew signing up for T212 that they don’t offer after-hours, so you can’t blame them for that. If you want to trade pre/after, just got for a broker that offers that.

Yeah its all priced based on their 2026 revenues which could change massively!!

They have said once the merger goes ahead they will have a minimum of $5 billion in cash so just from a balance sheet point of view, they can warrant a $5 billion valuation…

However I completely agree they have nothing currently other than a concept and a good team therefore anything over $6 billion is overpriced currently, that said I do own 16 shares @ $30 a share but this is a 5+ year holding for me!


Some big swings today, ready to go back down now :thinking: it’s being pumped higher


lots of get rich quick potential right there :sweat_smile:


I actually bought in at $9.98 and $10 in my INVEST account, sold and transferred to my ISA account and bought in there, so looks like am holding a bag, but I am really VERY adequately reimbursed thank you xx

I am speaking of my fella traders, but that’s besides the point…I want my vote and I want that sorted out now and not left until the… Opps mutual fund T212 BS!!

Wishes can come true if enough people ask for it. Trading212 is REALLY REALLY good, don’t get me wrong, however After Hours, Pre-Market, Trailing % Stop Loss would make it awesome.
AF PM… put us on the same playing field as Webull users.

If the shares of a car not manufacturer get to $60+ (near 100bn) and you haven’t sold its your own problem not 212’s lack of pre-market.


Technically it was After Hours.

Technically it wasn’t.

Opps. I think we could argue until the LUCID EV’s come home.
I think we can all agree that we were shafted by the evaluation.

Lessons learned all round.

I wasn’t shafted at all?

Won’t this merger go through regardless as the institutional ownership is like 54% of all shares owned

Good point, they need 51% I assume :+1:

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