Thoughts on the following upcoming announcements?

So I’m having a punt on a few companies I have my eye on. Any thoughts would be welcome on the following:

Royal Mail plc and Premier foods - Tuesday
Moonpig interim 12th December

Vodafone also has an upcoming interim. I already hold shares which have fallen so am hoping for some good news. Sold BT last week after regaining losses and am wondering if I chose the right telecoms giant to stick with. C’est La Vie!

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You should look at the JPM view on Royal Mail. They seem to reckon it’s worth £8. Citi and Deutsche also have similar targets.

I do have a feeling it’s cheap but don’t have time to investigate and back up that view.

Who knows, the results might change those views. The 2.3% yield is not high compared to old UK stocks but that’s not a bad sign either.

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Interesting, I’ll take a look at that. Am thinking it might be worth a punt with the upcoming report, although there are risks as with any. They’re hiring more staff over xmas and the lorry driver shortage might play a part in the near term. Having said that e commerce shows no signs of slowing in my view and there could even be a Santa boom (same with ASOS and BOOHOO I reckon, have checked them out too).

Also agree with your comments on the yield. I got lucky with AUTO today, so am feeling optimistic with roil mail. Premier is also ridiculously cheap.

I’ve been keeping an eye on InPost INPST, they are essentially the Royal Mail of Poland and are expanding into the UK with automated parcel locker, have had tons of them pop-up in my neighbourhood which peaked my interest.

Poland side of the business extremely profitable with the UK arm losing money thanks to being in growth mode.