Threshold rebalance / minimum order

Would be useful to add automatic rebalancing acording the threshold percentage. It will monitor the balances in pie is some intervals (15min?) and if any asset will deviate more than the given threshold (deviation from your target allocation) it will rebalance.

Ideally also will be good to set some kind of minimal order, so we will not end up some mini trades.

You really don’t want to do this. It’s completely overtrading.

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I mean, some timed auto-rebalancing feature isn’t a bad idea. I can see many people wanting such features.

I’m a little put off by the 15min example…
@martinf you do realize that rebalancing once a quarter is already considered too much? And by quarter, I don’t mean quarter of an hour :joy:


The rebalance is not trigered once the 15min, the check is. So once 15 min or ok… 1 hour the system will check if my pie in balance. And i can set the threshold, so i can set eg. 30 percent.

So lets say i have a pie with 4 assets, each 25 percent, i will set up the threshold to 30 percent. Once one of my asset is 25+or-7,5 percent, the system will automatically rebalance. OR at least send me the notification.

Just the sketch example visualising the threshold - like the darker boundaries - it would need a bit change how the negative change is displayed

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With a (mandatory) threshold i guess the rebalance doesn’t risk happening too often indeed.

But small timeframe with small/no threshold might lead to orders nightmare. I’d say checking once a day is probably plenty enough :+1:

Love the concept art btw.

The only thing I would find useful is setting an auto rebalance at first trading day of the year. Or maybe twice a year.

Ok i was not replying as i undesrstood that these volatile peaks doesnt happen that much as with crypto. BUT! i think that important is to point out that idea is to track deviation relative to each other, so when all assets are -30percent, nothing is triggered. When most of assets are going down, except two assets which are +15percent (some industry based fundament, earnings annoucement etc), there is a difference of 30percent, rebalance/notification is triggered.