Rebalance pie with restricted sales

Currently when you rebalance a pie it sells without considering whether each sale results in a loss.

It would be great to have an option that would only sell positive shares and redistribute to the underallocated. It would not be a full rebalance as there might not be enough sellable to make everything back up to the allocated pie % but could at least reduce the drift.

This would allow “locking in” any gains without accidentally locking in some losses.

Obviously if all shares in the pie were in the green then it would just be the same as a normal rebalance.

Maybe the most flexible option would just be to allow you to unselect the stocks to sell on the rebalance confirmation page?


I’d be interested in a Rebalancing option, that provides a tool to buy only, and bring up all the underweight shares to match the correct levels, instead of buy & sell. I’m keen to rebalance some of my pies, but don’t necessarily want to sell any stocks

Thank you both for the suggestion :fist_right: :fist_left: It’s definitely an interesting idea to have an automatic custom rebalancing option, so we’ll have it in mind when making changes in the Pies.

I guess Buy Up (to match the highest value without selling any stock), Rebalancing, and Sell Down (to match the lowest value) would be the 3 main aims of most.

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There is such a function under invest then self-balancing but the drawback to this is that you cannot automate this process (schedule) as it only defaults to initial percentage allocation in pies. This feature was on request for a very long time in my memory but never materialized to this day.

I hadn’t come across this yet. Looks like it would do the job, including custom balancing, though some additional information on the screen about current holing and share would help, to utilise this function properly.