Ticker symbol NVAX

Is this worth taking a small punt at the current market - despite the poor performance

We all know Biotech is a risky business and so is the reward too

I would be careful asking/taking advice from strangers on the internet, that includes first of all me. Always do your own research. Not everyone shares the same risk tolerance. For me Biotech is too risky, I work in the field and the amount of stuff that can go wrong or delay your progress is staggering and not worth my headache. Thatโ€™s why I shy away, I like simpler business models.
Also I believe the train is gone for NVAX, they had their chance in the vaccine race, but Pfizer and Moderna were just faster and more efficient.
Thats my opinion only and I havenโ€™t looked deeply into NVAX prospects. Dyor, good luck

Also more risk does not always equal more reward. Sometimes more risk is just more risk and nothing else if you get what I am saying