Time to go LONG?

Market is down in a knee-jerk reaction to Trump’s Covid test, is it time to buy or is it better to skip the Friday?

It really depends on your strategy.
Are you an investor or a trader ?

Boggles the brain. The President has COVID… I must sell my stocks!

Can’t make the sentiment connection at all. Help!


Medium term only if I am forced to.

Wait and see how the day goes. Personally I’d wait and see going into next week.

If he actually has it, he’s not going to recover in 24hrs. This could bang on like every other fucking drama across the pond…!

(can you tell I’m pissed off?)

Looking at my S&P 500 chart it looks like the index went over 3300, then tested it as a support successfully once (futures) and now is on its way to test it again.
My guess is if 3300 holds, we’re good to go.

If you think today’s bad, just wait for next week Monday.

Where are you getting out of hours activity on SPX from?

It is on the CFD. (20 characters)

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You can look at futures or at CFDs (they are basically following futures).

I use VUSA.L it is usually very correct, and even when US market is on holiday, it correctly tracks the missing days.

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I use SPX500USD (OANDA) on Tradingview
Just to add my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Decision made! Apple (and possibly Tesla) will do for today, safe stock, hoping for 3%.

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Apple 113 and Tesla 427 premarket!

He who dares… :sunglasses:

perfect time to load up on CFDs imo.

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Missed Tesla, Nikola instead. Let’s see what happens.