Timeline for Graph on web version

On the mobile app, the graph can easily be shown in 1 day / 1 week / 1 month / 1 year / etc as is common with stocks.
This could totally be me, but I cannot easily figure this online. Yes, there is the “time period” icon, but it select which graph points are to be shown (prices per week / month / etc), it does not show the last year graph when selecting. Could we introduce such feature on the web version, please?

Hi @lugam,

Currently, we are working on a major UI overhaul of our Web app. It will include a simpler and more user friendly price graph resembling the graph in our mobile app.

Sounds great, thank you

George, one more thing:
in the app, when I have a lot of money on the account. You can choose a stock, go “Buy” and the selector’s sensitivity let’s you easily select a lot of shares. Fine so far. When you want to buy fractional shares, the selector does not work, you would have to use the keyboard input to enter e.g. “0.005”. Fine so far as well. But if your phone has selected a foreign keyboard (e.g. from Germany), it will show the comma instead of the period. As Germany uses the comma for fractions. Hence in this case you cannot buy fractional shares without changing the keyboard. Maybe you could implement a keyboard vs using the phone’s keyboard or finding another way?
Thank you

Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll look into it!