Your Hot 🔥 stock recommendations

So the title says it all really! I’ve noticed that the forum doesn’t seem to share hot stock picks much anymore and thought I’d see if there’s still an appetite for sharing!
I’ve had a bit of time out from active trading due to the crypto market catching my eye. I’m fully in crypto to my safe limit and so my trading account needs some attention!

I still have all of the stocks from before and left my account to run itself but would now like to see if theres any :fire: stock picks out there right now for me and others to look up!

Thankyou in advance!


@Gfclappah doubled down on a great :fire: pick last year in Morses Club and I made some great gains from that last year of nearly 2x. The current lows and a great suggestion again from him made me decide to buy back in yesterday and today its up over 6%. It’s down from its highs by circa 80% so if all is well later in the year to next, we could as @Gfclappah suggested be in for some top gains again!

I’m heavy Tesla, Virgin Media, Baba, Urban Logistics, Unilever, Aston Martin (down from highs), British Tobacco. Some others that are small movers but have great dividends. I’m also invested into metals through the mining industry and storage, if you don’t own any, I would advise that you do. Rio Tinto and Wisdom tree physical gold for me but there are plenty more out there.

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Thank you for the compliment Lenos, I was at one point 120% up but I’m holding it as I believe this has huge upside and it did not hit my first target.

A couple recommendations from me:

MONY - Moneysupermarke - big Divi and upside for CG

Tekmar - huge potential this is a growth value play for me, just raise 4m from a placing

Babcock - best value play for defense, this sector will be hot

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I’ve just refreshed my pie last night, Abbvie has done really well for me so I’m trimming some of the profits to reinvest across a few others.

It’s all long term buy and hold stuff so no 10x’ers in the next 12 months but here it is if it helps guide your own analysis:

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@TInvest I’ll take a look thankyou

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I’ve got some Tekmar, it came from a recommendation list by the Freedom and Fortune group. I’ve just added Mony and UK defense is a really good shout! I don’t think we will be seeing any more defense budget cuts for a while.

If any catch your interest I’m happy to share my thoughts/analysis. I’ll hold off on any explicit ‘recommendations’ though.

We are all responsible for our own research, so don’t worry about that. Putting out your recommendations just helps others choose initial stocks to research properly.

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Yeah people are accountable for their own actions (although this doesn’t seem to be the case in society anymore…) If you’re going to take my advice whole heartedly (I do try my best) then I suggest you sell your house and transfer me any equity you have.

Why can’t you recommend anything? I’m not saying buy it. Recommend just means you think it’s suitable. Literally we have no freedom of speech anymore. I hate liberals.

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I think people are just conscious not to ‘lure in’ new inexperienced investors which is very responsible behavior I think. But I also see where you are coming from and agree on the topic of free speech


Where should I send the payment to? Jk

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I’ve got or have had most of those in your pie the only ones that stand out to me that I’ve not ever researched are docusign, autodesk, transunion, oracle and applied materials. I’ve used docusign for solicitor’s and accountants but all the rest i have no clue about. Are any of them stand outs to you?

Sent you the details on DM, nice doing business with you.

Another stock that could bring home the bacon (metaphorically speaking), and I’m back in on, is Boohoo, I’m also with BABA like yourself @Lenos1980.

I did mention Ted Baker as a takeover last year and I’m invested here, might be too late for others though. Announcement made today, interest from sycamore.

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My other half buys from boohoo, thats another aim stock though isn’t it?

The reason I personally don’t recommend things are because the recommendations are meaningless without an accompanying timeline and follow up recommendation of when to sell.

I have literally bought those things in my pie today for my buy and hold strategy. So feel free to take that as a recommendation if you wish :wink:

Autodesk are the Adobe of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing. Big growth potential imo.

Applied Materials make the machines that semiductor companies use to make the chips. Again, huge industry. Lam Research and ASML are also in the supply chain for chip makers, Lam I need to look at again and ASML looked a bit overpriced last time I looked.

Oracle. Big in the corporate world, once they’re a key software and infrastructure supplier they’re hard to leave. Big switching cost, and risk, to move away from them so most companies wont.

Transunion are a credit referencing agency. Credit decisioning is big and growing. But I do need to do a proper comparison to see if I’m better with them or Experian/Equifax.

I use Oracle at work sucks compared to SAP. Investmentwise this is irrelevant just saying lol. :100: You are correct about lock in though.

I’ve held shares in experian for quite some time, the dividends are realistic most of the time and its had decent growth on top too. I will take a look at the others but I’m already quite heavy in tech. I like the look of Applied Materials though so I will take a deeper look.