Top losers list clarification

Now we have top winners and losers in the system. My understanding is top losers will have the list of stocks who have lost the value in terms of % and or value. Please correct me if I am wrong. But I see some stocks in the top losers list who are green in the graph and both % and value has +ve number. How can it happen?

maybe it’s not “real time” data :thinking:

The list is relative to all stocks on the current markets. So “top losers” would be the worst performers.
Also, the list refreshes every 10 minutes, if some instruments skyrockets in that period, it will not be refreshed until the 10 minutes have passed.


I have just checked again and see eight stocks have +ve number but still under top losers list

interesting right now is that 2x Amazon is shown 3 times in the top winners, technically that is correct because of the instrument being on the platform 3 times it will be shown 3 times and take up 3 of the top 10 spots, we don’t really need to see it 3 times though as it’s the same thing really. not sure what could be done about that apart from excluding leveraged products or excluding things with the same name.

There’s quite a few instruments where they exist in triplicate, USD/EUR/GBP