Top Winner list

First of all the top winners list everyday is jumbled I inserted the pictures below it shows stocks red on the day lol. Second of all would be nice if there would be a feature to separate markets for example I trade US stocks wouldn’t be nice to see them only. Thanks.

Can anyone help @Team212 @Bogi.H

Hey, @CallumTurner :wave:

The Top Winners list is dynamic, meaning that it’s automatically updated at certain intervals. In most cases, the included companies are extremely volatile, and their price can change drastically in the interval between the updates of the list.

This is why sometimes, there are companies with negative returns showing on the list, as seen in your screenshots. Still, we keep a close eye at all times to ensure the information is up to date.

Regarding your suggestion to be able to filter top winners - I’ll pass it on further and notify you when there are any updates :pray:

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Kk thank you mate :slightly_smiling_face:.

You’re most welcome!