Trading 212: Clients Access to Voting

In today’s world, where technology has advanced so much and companies are increasingly becoming more transparent and accountable to their shareholders, it is essential that brokers provide this service to their clients. The ability to vote in special events or meetings of companies is an essential feature that enables investors to exercise their rights as shareholders.

However, it is disappointing that Trading 212 does not offer this service to its clients. As an investor, you would expect to be able to vote on matters such as mergers and acquisitions, executive pay, and other important issues that may affect the value of your investments.

What is more surprising is that Trading 212 is still far behind in this aspect, despite the latest technologies available. With the rise of online trading platforms and the increasing use of mobile devices, it is more important than ever that brokers keep up with the latest technological advancements and offer services that are in line with the expectations of their clients.

it is frustrating to see that Trading 212 does not offer or facilitate voting for clients in special events or meetings of companies. This is an essential service that is expected from a leading online broker, and it is surprising that Trading 212 is lagging behind in this aspect.

Is there any way possible to get control number for an upcoming meeting without waiting on Trading212? Has anyone in that past tried to contact IBKR directly for control number? Any help would be appreciated.

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You’re like a dog with a bone mate.

I’ve voted on tons of stuff.


I think you are missing the point of the whole thread, mate.

I’m still waiting to vote my shares on the upcoming Cryptyde meeting. As you can see not all meetings are being covered.

Yes you’ve said it a thousand times on every thread you can get your hands on.

We get it you want to vote on crappy penny stocks.

What is it you want to vote on? A prize for the world’s worst operators :joy:


Is this really appropriate? When I’m trying to highlight something important and have taken my time to write a detailed post as to why voting is important, do you think such kind of comments is warranted here?

My investment my risk.

I know chatGPT when I see it.

Then you’d know the risk is you might not have access to corporate events.


Does this matter if it helps to get the point across in a way that is valuable and helps with discussion?

That’s exactly my point that risk is something that can be avoided and it is mostly on the broker? With all the resources available this should not be difficult?

I’ve heard good things about Blue Square & Light Blue Square - they’re skilled C suite employees

Edit - a better joke, could say they’re well-rounded employees!

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Go on then, write the code to make it happen.

@MohammedS Here’s my 2 cent - retail investor’s votes make very little or no difference to what companies do compared to the institutional investors.

I personally don’t waste my valuable time in voting activities - it’s a wasted time never to be reclaimed imo!!!

We are not talking about a US election whereby every vote “counts” - Trump may have more to say if you ask him :wink:


I largely agree with this sentiment. However for some companies retail votes play a big role, especially when retail collectively own 70% of the voting right.

You should read on $TYDE and who owns the majority voting rights.

You should see how the management of Vinco Ventures are struggling because they can’t pass any shareholder resolutions because majority of the votes are owned by retail. They tried 3 times but withdraw the stockholders meeting because they didn’t have enough retail votes.

Cryptyde is one of those companies where retail own majority of the voting. So this is one of those cases where every vote counts

Ideally those stocks that have a lot of retail interest and ownership should be right at the top of the list for @Team212 to prioritise when it comes to voting events.

Considering lot of retail or smaller accounts use trading 212, you would think this something they would prioritise.

I agree with @MohammedS.

Access to Client Voting across the board would be a great addition to the platform.

It is also a very reasonable feature to expect of an online investing platform.

I’m inclined to agree with @MohammedS . The ability to vote on matters concerning the companies one is invested in is a basic feature one would expect from a broker the calibre of Trading 212. Regardless of whether it’s for a penny stock or a large cap stock, it shouldn’t make a difference. Whether it’s for a company that has majority institutional investors or not, it also doesn’t matter, because it’s the right of a shareholder.

I’m not going to pretend to defend Trading 212 for not being able to provide this facility in all cases. There have been cases that I’ve been unable to exercise my voting rights for companies I’m invested in, and I don’t think it’s acceptable.

I also think the sarcasm portrayed by Scrooge in earlier comments is inappropriate, as this is clearly a matter important to the OP and many other customers of Trading 212. Everyone is fully entitled to their opinion of course, but exercising some amount of decorum isn’t too much to ask for.


This is the third thread I’ve seen the same opinion posted on. Whilst decorum isn’t my strongest attribute, I do have a strong sense of you’ve already asked for it a new thread doesn’t make a difference.

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Currently, we provide access to voting events on a best-effort basis. We totally understand where you’re coming from, and we’re actively working on being able to provide access to all such events in the future.

While there is no specific timeframe to be shared at the moment, we’ll make sure to keep everyone posted on the progress and provide any news as they come in :pray:


Seems to me voting is only activated if enough people complain to customer support. As retail investors own 80% of the votes in Vinco Ventures (BBIG) it is imperative we get to vote in the upcoming Annual Meeting on April 27, 2023.

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I also agree with @MohammedS I’m a share holder for a US based company and I am unable to vote my shares which I find really annoying :frowning:

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Are we able to vote on the current scenario of GAN selling their business to SEGA Sammy?

I wish to vote as I have a substantial amount in the business.

Kind regards