Trading 212 credit card funding - Merchant Category Code

Hi everyone,

I am interested in funding my 212 account using a credit card with a 0% introductory rate. However I am sceptical about this - intuitively I feel that this would count as a cash transaction and that I would then have my rate removed plus additional fees.

Could someone from the 212 team state what the Merchant Category Code is so that I can try work out what will happen? Anyone other useful info?

Ask for anyone else - do you have experiences funding a 212 account with a credit card? How did it go?

Best wishes,

Patrick Morton

I always fund my Trading212 account with my personal debit card and never had any issues with it. I personally enjoy being able to top up my account instantly.

I would personally advise against using CC, how do you intend to withdraw your funds later on? If you fund majority via CC, it would be required by AML to withdraw to CC… I would check with CC issuer to make sure there is no issue with withdrawals.

Afaik this transaction would be treated as refund…

Just remembered your comment from almost a month ago. I’d like to ask @Team212 about

  • What happens when my CC expires and I need to make a withdrawal. Would contacting support about it and a new CC do the job (I guess showing proof that the CC has expired and that the new one is also mine)?

I think so, according to the Help Centre. This begs the question…

  • Say I completely funded my account through a CC and I have >10k EUR in my balance. Would I hit a limit in my card or bank if I withdraw 10k in one go?