Trading 212 under construction with my issue

Tried to buy stock at a certain price, it ended up buying it twice even though I did not have funds for the second order so it automatically put me through to minus -£400. It took me two hours to sell all shares as the graph was frozen for an hour and I have lost just over £400 for no reason whatsoever. I have screenshots of my portfolio, invested and losses which does not add up - I have tried to contact the email address, no one replies - are they open 24/7 like they say? Live chat has gone, people have been robbed like myself today - what should we do?

don’t know what you exactly did but to me it sounds that you bought a low liquidity (thus it taking long to sell) stock with a large spread (immediate loss), could you maybe eloborate a bit more on what you specifically did (what ticker, bid/ask etc.)

@worldwidechels You placed a single order that was partially filled twice, which is completely normal, that’s how it works if there’s not enough liquidity in the market.
The graph was not frozen because there was a technical issue - that was generally how the stock quoted during the day - it’s not something that depends on us to fix.

The stock generally has quite a large spread & moves 20-30% in seconds.


The main point here is that I put an order in for £970 ish - it put a second order (a second after immediately after the first) for funds that weren’t even available nor did I have in my portfolio - it told me immediately I must put in equity… it put my order in twice and my average was way higher than the where it was (it shouldnt allow anyone to make another order even if mistake if no funds are available.)

I had £1142 - I had £145 in ARG
Leaving just under £970 to invest

I invested the £970 but two orders went in and was told to raise equity immediately - it was a technical glitch error - two hours to sell, many users have gone through it too.

If i could send images, my investment, funds and figures were not adding up - I have screenshot it all and sent it to trading 212 - you cant lose £400 in a second lol

Hmm. The graph when I joined was 0.08 - it stayed like that for an hour? It did not move up and down once - these graphs move every second for these types of stocks? It was a really weird one? I’ve seen in my notifications now I signed in at 0.11 - I have not seen this number once on the app - this is the first time I have seen it happened, it was a weird one

16,000 @ $0.11990
2572 @ $0.11990

These figures in total are a lot higher than what I had in my free funds to invest in - how did Trading 212 let me in?

I had about £1142
£140 in ARG
Remaining in INIS - the figures do not make sense, even if I did not say 0.08 and said 0.11 - it is more than double, I shouldn’t be losing £400…

and sorry in advance, if i do my maths wrong here.

@worldwidechels I’ll private message you with additional calculations.

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thank you very much David appreciate it