Trading History Availability

Please can we extend the trading history available to us for the purposes of analysis and making future trades. Using Netflix as an example, I’d like to see how the CFD market reacted (after-hours) after the Q4 2019 earning report was announced for the purposes of trading around the time of future earnings reports

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@George please can you advise?

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@David Bump post thanks

@hubble2bubble Could you elaborate on what you mean by available trading history? For Netflix CFD, there’s historical chart data going back to 2005.

So if I select an hourly candlestick I can only scroll back as far as 23/03/2020 but with a monthly candlestick I can go back as far as 12/09/2010 and even further with a monthly one. However, there’s no way I can see the hourly data for this same period (12/09/2010)

@hubble2bubble Most brokers & financial institutions (we included) don’t usually store minute/hourly data so far back in the past since it’s really a huge amount of data.

Ok thanks for clarifying David