Trading platform update needed, latency and scrolling limitations

This is my first post/
I want to express my frustration with the trading platform. scrolling and changing between different time frames.
When I am studying trends on a weekly or daily chart. I add trend lines or pitchforks etc.
but then when i zoom to the 30 minute or smaller timeframes. the lines I took so long to place. Are no longer where they are supposed to be. Not by a long way/ if you then try to correct them. by dragging them, after you release the mouse it jumps to a totally new place. Also The scrolling is very annoying. The horizontal lines rise and fall and the only way to keep it in the window is to collapse the scale in the right column. But this reduces the length of the candles to a point where they are indistinguishable from each other in relation to their size.
Are there any plans to update the trading platform or introduce MT4 or Ninjatrader 8.
As these offer much better control on a lot of things.
Also I get latency issues/ the price dances around. The profit / loss amount is like 3 seconds behind.
I got stop loss triggered on a trade Today. Because the spread started variable spreading. It was at precisely 10pm. I was waiting for the usual 200 pip drop in price on a currency pair I was trading in. my stop loss was well high. I saw the variable action and went to move it up further out of the way. But in an instant the variable spread jumped up to my level and stopped me out.
This was very annoying and boils back down to the fact that the Stop loss was off the screen above the visible range, because of the scrolling limitations. I got as far as collapsing the price scale but it was too fast. The variable spread was up and down in an instant cutting me at a loss.
I will not be using a stop loss next time it comes to 10pm on that pair.
but its not the point.

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there are no plans to introduce either MT4 or Ninjatrader 8. T212 has no plans to use outdated software.