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Hi all - I wanted to know what tools and websites do people use to find information when they pick and monitor their stocks?

I currently use:

  • Kovify (only US)

  • Stocktwits (only US)

  • Twitter for live info

I am trying to find something useful for the UK market.,,,

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I make a paper spinner, write random letters and spin 3-4 times. Whatever comes up is what I’m investing in.

I’m kidding, a few things I use are: Morningstar,, Google finance if I just want a quick look over something and don’t care too much about accuracy, investor relations pages of the companies I’m looking at. There’s more but nothing earth shattering.

I highly recommend Tradingview.

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Some of the ones which are not highlighted above that I use are Webull (US Stock), Genuine Impact (got a cheap lifetime deal and it’s worth analysing the data) and sometimes Marketscreener. Used to dip into the free version of Simply Wall St for some debt, insider trading and analyst rating data.

Is there any better place for reputable, secure, safe, financial advice?


hi all , hope this is the rite section, just wondered as im new to all this and trying to learn quick as possible so i can obtain some sort of small return for my meager fractional shares buying power. im simply testing the water in the world of trades and share buying ftse100 / nasdaq markets in the investing section only. the question - so what average price would i need to put on a share to make say £4.00 or in that dept? is this a simple mathematics equation of share price v % rate at the given time? im very tempted to place say £200 GBP on a buy to see what happens. but fear i may loose it , stop losses anther topic , this is on the right side of buying receipt i set that lower than the price paid in order to not loose , is that rite? any good places for buy sell indicators worth there salt? ok i will leave it at hat i think thats 3 questions. thank you steve ;0)

Hey Steve,

If you want to get your feet wet, maybe go with the index ETFs first.
Firstly, you won’t lose the whole £200, as the index would have to go to zero - and in that case the world must have gone to war or something far worse.

On a small amount of capital though, you won’t see big returns unless you were to pick risky individual stocks etc.

VUSA or S&P500 ETF’s are roughly 5% away from all time highs. You could just buy the market now and wait until those highs are reached, netting you £10 return on your £200 investment. I don’t know how quick or long this will take, but rest assured it will more than likely occur.

I don’t use Stop Losses, and more than likely never will. Others here do. It’s a personal choice to make, but I would advise that if you use them, not to set them too tight as they will trigger with normal stock fluctuations otherwise.

Hope this answers a few queries, if not just message me back :slight_smile:

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Hi Steve, adm gives great advice. In addition, I would say if you are serious about learning to trade /invest then you should consider the £200 as tuition fees whether you lose it or not. There are no free lessons in this world, so if you can’t afford to write off the £200 then either this is not the right way to use your money or just go with the lowest risk investments like etfs. Your return may not be as sexy but trust me, even the best can only manage average returns of 10 to 20 percent! Consider this, the person considered the best investor of all time only managed average returns of 29%. If you can achieve 5-10% constantly then you will be in an elite league. The great thing with fractionals is you can diversify your portfolio quite easily and over time you will learn how to build a balanced portfolio.


thank you for your advice. it would make sense indeed be a positive step learning at least the basics , i have come to realize there is very much to learn on the subject with a certain amount of natural ability its self. i am serious about learning as my day job at the moment is perhaps in the balance due to current conditions. as said i am not looking to make big wins, just even 40 - 50 GBP a week. thus i think in order to achieve this i will need to buy place a larger buy on a share to see a return of at least in the 3- 4 pound area . this im sure with practice should be possible with more knowledge. i have already picks 3 ETF items as i can see the idea is a good one, with min risks. perhaps wait till next year before depositing my larger funds, see how we are economically … or would it be 100% safe to fit the funds now of say 15 k between 3 etf s? seems like a good investment choice to me . ;0) thanks again for above. adb ? ? sorry.

sorry yes the ADB thing its a research site for companies. this is helpful. thanks again

Hi, I’m afraid when it comes to investing your money is never 100% safe. It’s value can either go up or down. However, if you invest in low risk instruments then the likelihood of losing all your money is relatively less.