Wallmine - free analysis resource

Anyone using this resource? I’ve only just discovered it and at a glance it’s pretty fantastic for a free tool.

Interested to hear what others who have been using it longer think and what features they get the most out of? Would also be good to have someone I can level questions at! :wink:

@Jobloggs @Gfclappah @EquityInvestor @Chipsinpigshead - might be up you guys’ strasse going by previous conversations, if you haven’t already seen it.


Spent 2 mins on the site and I’m excited… even has UK stocks, so much data!

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I’ll check this one out once I get home

Looks pretty nice. :+1:

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Joey this looks fantastic. I swear I used this before but it didn’t have UK stocks so I ignored it, maybe I was using something else or they’ve updated.

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I still cannot believe this nice tool is free and not behind a paywall…
And almost nobody on YouTube is talking about it.

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Looks like everyone like it, I’ll try it also.

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Great app Joey! The interface is really good for al the data opposed to some other clunky apps.

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Had a little go, it’s really good for something free. Portfolio management, stock screener, market data, and it has UK listed stocks unlike most others (also crypto for those interested in that).

Currently down for maintenance though :sob:

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pretty nice share! surprised its free considering the amount of data available and the excellence of the tools provided

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I’ve been using it for about 1 year to follow US stocks, it’s really nice. For free you can track 2 portfolios so I have one for Trading212 and one for …ahem, a competitor product.
If you want to track more than 2 you’ll need to pay.
I really like the tool, an alternative was barchart.com but I stuck with Wallmine as you can also export really nicely to csv etc for analysis in Excel.
WM is a great tool :slight_smile:

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No need to censor yourself :slight_smile:


Very nice, and comparable to FinViz (20)

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How much is the paid version, and do you get more data, or is it just an extra portfolio.
And thank you to the OP, this is a very nice resource.

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@SamIAm, do you sue the screener function frequently?

I’m yet to fully explore that side of it but wondered if you knew off the top of your head if it had facility to scan for volume (benefit for DTs and STs)?


EDIT: Found it. It does. :+1:t2:

Thanks for sharing, this looks pretty promising so far! Will play about with it more later tonight hopefully.

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Imagine my excitement when I see potential to find good data in regards to the short ratio for an LSE stock.

Only to find the words ‘N/A’, crush my hopes, daaamn it!

I guess this is just a UK rule regarding this stuff, where as on FinViz, or even Wallmine itself, I can get the data on almost any US stock.

Which stock?
… … … … …

It’s all LSE listed stocks, I’m guessing by now it’s just a legal thing.

E.g I know CINE is heavily shorted at the moment, because it’s quoted in a lot of top 10’s, but for example, if I was curious about IAG, then I couldn’t get that information easily.

It’s different for NYSE/NASDAQ where I can get the Short Float % and ratio of pretty much every stock, easily.