Live, intraday US stocks screener/heatmaps?

The one I posted about for the UK ( at HL, but it’s also available elsewhere)
I good because you can look at it any time to tell which stocks are doing well in the short term - the last hour, or even minutes, and so on.

I find many for the US markets which start at or before trading starts, obviously telling you mostly about what you can’t get into any more.

Are there any of the better type ones free for US?
Finvist is about the best I’ve found free.

Do you pay for a good one?

Chartmill here looks interesting Free Day Trading Stock Screeners

I assume nobody else knows one, unless they just don’t like me :flushed:.

What I have found is this, which I think is useful. It’s a bit ambiguous, and I haven’t found which of several possible meanings there are for the parameters they describe, so comments please:

You won’t be surprised - Tradingview’s stock screener.
This one, Stock Screener: Search and Filter Stocks — TradingView
or download the free app, and Stock Screener is one of the views they give,
but look at the filters. I hadn’t done.

The problem which makes a screener less than optimal during the day is
If you list companies by change%,
What you mostly get are
tiny companies which jumped a lot on market open. Most then go flat or retract.
…So explude tiny companies. They’re often illiquid, too,
…exclude companies which jumped more than some percentage, 5% say, in one minute. That’ll knock out the now useless-to-you jump-on-open ones.
Then as the day goes on, tthe chart gets dominated by those which continued to rise in the minutes after the initial jump. You can exclude those too, by rejecting, say, over 5% in 5 minutes.

What you can work towards seeing is companies with decent share liquidity which have continued to rise through the day, which is what I was after. I don’t thingk there’s a way to show which did well in the last 1, 5, 15 minutes.

If you’ve been using it, perhaps you can suggest settings which you found work best. I only found it a day ago so am still adjusting.

Part of the filter screen

:rofl: Yes I can assure you that I lacked the knowledge to answer your original question and I hold no negative view of you whatsoever.

However, I wanted to thank you for sharing this stock screener as it looks extremely useful and I’ll definitely start looking at it. I had been looking for a US equivalent of ThisIsMoney Performance tables ( and this almost covers everything. It would still be good to find somewhere for US stocks that shows Latest Trades; Director Dealings and Broker Views if you happen to stumble on that as well?

It’s ok, I’m not paranoid. I know everyone is out to get me.

I’m scratching my head a bit, surely any day trader would want the same sort of information? I could pay for live info and stick it through Matlab or even Excel, but others would do it better - surely!?
Come on you long-timers, what do you use? I’m a newbie.

Your screener linked looks too long-timebased but I’ll check it live, - the HL one does effectively tell you LIVE when a UK stock rises during the day, because its colour gets more blueish than its neighbours. ( alt, pinkish…) The info is fed from the London Exchange but the chart is a bit flaky. It helps a bit if I log in to my account - I have a bit of pension there. It still forgets “preferences” to stay “live feed”.
Other sites use the same information but always delayed 15 mins.

This one
looks like it would do the job for £22(?) a month.
Their chat pages have some sensible discussion, too, but mostly pretty amateurish

You can get some London insider-buying ( by directors etc) info from these guys: London Stock Exchange Group Insider Trading Activity 2023 (LON:LSEG)
Again, you sign up, get emails, ignore all the rubbish, etc.

Each of these, doubled and more over one short but very usable period in the last few weeks, Ocado (interest from Amazon in their tech), Rolls Royce (hype from a new order) and (US, obvs) Xpeng went who up a hill when VW bought into the company. There have been a few dozen others of course but I was watching those 3. Moves like those, steady and sustained over an hour or more, make most of the other so called rises, of a few percent, almost not worth bothering with. The chances of seeing one in time are minimal.

You can have multiple stock screens open, (I only have 2 connected screens so am limited to 32 with T212) . I cycle round other things on a laptop. Really though, intelligent monitoring/ Eyes-On of hundreds of stocks at once is what we need.
The watchlist thumbnail charts available on T212 aren’t detailed enough, and you have to pick and scroll though each one individually.

I’ll ask again, because I haven’t found out yet, what service to pro market traders use to keep them updated, live? Anyone know?

Bloomberg Terminal costs $20k/ year, but there are some mentioned here:
[edit] it looks like there are some great suggestions here. I finally have to sign up to Twitter. Sorry, X. is one I’ll look at tomorrow.

Well, the TradingView screener isn’t explicit on how it works; whether the "5 minutes " is the first or most recent or peak-gain 5 minutes. I think the last of those.
More trials needed.
Still, excluding the small companies alone is a big help.

I did watch a youtube channel
WDTV Watch Day Trading Live. It has a couple of guys watching stocks, missing some but helped by their member comment stream, pointing out when they go short and long.

It did prompt me to go for some stocks I wouldn’t have seen, and a reminder/suggestion to buy Zoom, which I did at 20:59.
Results were out causing a 6% jump, a couple of minutes later. :smiley:

They could have been better organised, I’ll look for others… Does anyone know any?