Trading212 has extended market hours for most US stocks

@David Could you please add after hours for

Ticker: OCGN
Full name: Ocugen Inc
ISIN: US67577C1053
Market: NASDAQ

Many thanks!

@David Hi i got invest account. As in this thread you said nearly all US equities i am not talking about CFDs i am talking about real shares. are all US shares available for pre and after hours trading? As you said couple of months back but i cant see it?

Real shares are not available pre/after hours.

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Are extended trading hours already in place for regular T212 Investing?

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No. :thinking: :cut_of_meat:


Any expected timeline for it?

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Yeah also would be useful for me,

I have limit orders/sells… Maybe sometimes the extended hours could prevent a massive gap down, and would hit the stop loss

The potential to jump on premarket gainers is also tempting. Although I’m trying to stick to only swing trading

It’s not expected to happen by the end of the year for Invest accounts.

For CFDs - we’ll steadily be increasing the number of instruments with extended hours. The option to choose if you’d like to trade regular or extended hours doesn’t have an ETA yet.

Any chance of getting Fastly (FSLY) afterhours?

Hi David, is there any particular reason to not roll extended hours out on invest+ISA? Your patrons are at a distinct disadvantage not having this access. The ability to do this should also result in an increased customer base for T212 as customers will no longer be limited to specific trading hours, which is a problem for many.

That said, I would also like to say thank you for the fantastic job T212 is doing generally with features, software stability and stock inclusion. I often notice small changes having taken place for the better. You guys should shout out about it more. Can be proud of what you are doing. :muscle::+1:


Looking forward to 2021 when we have after hours.

A whole $2 change in AH :see_no_evil:

Yep. Top of my wishlist. Painful days at the minute.

It’s was frustrating as hell seeing it all play out. Going shit do I take 6 or not as it approached 9pm. Seeing it hit 7 and then going ah here comes the sell off and I can do nothing about it until 2:30pm

crazy over bought again. 200 EMA at 6.13 so :crossed_fingers:

Been theer too many times than I’m comfortable with!

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Ouch! Pretty much why I no longer touch pharma.

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4.58 low, incredibly quick pump and dump.


Would like this feature ASAP

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Any chance for FuelCell Energy and Kandi Technologies to be added in extended hours? Thank you.

we need out of hours trading on investment account and isa with all our stocks so we can ride the momentum on news i miss alot of trade because of this and am forced more into swing trading rather than day trading but so many great movers pre market