Trading212 ISA how it works

I would like to know how Trading212 ISA work and how does it differ from platforms like HL and Interactive brokers?
Do the ETF or stocks get lent out?
How does Trading 212 make money for ISA accounts?
What are the trading limits?

I’ll make an attempt to answer your questions here:

My understanding is that it is not legal for ISA shares to be lent and therefore the stocks and ETFs in your ISA would not be lent out, this is only for the Invest items.

They don’t, the Invest and ISA products are free, T212 make money from their CFD products and from lending out the shares in the Invest products as discussed in the last question.

This I don’t know the answer to but will be interested in what others say.


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Let me cover your questions:

@1anrs is correct here - shares and ETFs in ISA accounts are not lent out.

There’s a + 0.15% FX fee when trading with instruments in a different currency than the one in your ISA/Invest account.

There aren’t fees on our side when you fund your ISA/Invest via Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, iDeal, DotPay GiroPay and Sofor until you reach £2,000 in total. Then a fee of 0.7% will apply afterwards if you use one of those methods. There aren’t any charges whatsoever on our side when you deposit via bank transfer or instant bank transfer.

You can find the max position & order sizes in ISA accounts here.


I have seen forum messages about wide spreads, isn’t T212 a Direct Market Access broker and isn’t the prices true market prices?

If I fund an ISA via bank transfer and trade GBP ETFs, observing the order/position limits, T212 won’t make any money off me, is that true? How is it viable for T212 to offer loss making services?

What are the ISA transfer out charges?

Are you suggesting (PFOF), not sure it’s legal in the UK :man_shrugging:

When using an ISA you get the raw spread taken directly from the market. There is no spread markup.

Yes, your assumption is correct.

We don’t charge any exit fees.


Does T212 allow selling and buying with unsettled cash or do I need to wait for 2-3 days? How many days?

It does! They allow instant buying and selling - one of the most underrated features IMO.


Unsettled cash trading is it applicable for ISA accounts? Also for General and CFD?

ISA and Invest - for sure.
Most probably for CFD too.

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Thanks very much, hope to spend more time both learning and sharing knowledge here. I hope to open an ISA and transfer my current one to T212 after 6 April so I’m kind of a “prospective” customer at the moment.

Is it possible to get the list of all instruments and their details as a CSV or as JSON API?

Read the above comment?they make money through fx fees.

Try asking chatGPT to scrape them for you from this page. One of the things it’s exceedingly good at.

Yes, it’s applicable for all the account types.

There’s no integrated option to extract this from our page, but I’ll see if I can do a magic trick and get you a list with the info :magic_wand:

ChatGPT can’t, as the content is embedded in a complex way. Most Devs use APIs or CSVs to load tabular data, but T212 Devs are special.

Does Trading 212 provide real-time prices? Also is there API for trading?

They provide real-time prices from Bloomberg. No API for trading.