Trading212 Paid Tier

Well frankly I wouldn’t mind having useful features behind pay wall.

When I say useful, but not crucial. I mean things like help with Tax reports based on Country of residence. For either capital/dividend income.

Maybe access to indepth Fundamentals data for companies, charts/historic results/potential future returns/analysis etc.

Then all those fancy dividend trinkets, like estimated monthly/quarterly/yearly dividend. Projected future dividends based on analysis/potential growth. Graphs of all sorts, yield on cost etc.

Priority for requesting new tickers.

24/7 phone support


Robinhood (and M1 Finance) also offers paid tiers.

I said before… I would happily pay for that… even if it’s free :joy:

There is no reason to speculate what someone understands or not while knowing nothing about them. I wish you have chosen some other company instead of Robin Hood since they do offer a Robin Hood Gold with the some of the features @Vedran suggested and more.

Furthermore I understand there is a market for people saving/investing 20 a month through a mobile app for free, so there is no reason to capitalise on that. But there are also people willing to pay 50/100/1000 a year for advanced to professional features, and again there is no reason to not capitalise on that either.

I use tasty trade, degiro, interactive investor and hargreaves lansdown. Trading 212 is the lowest charging of these companies. Also have subscriptions to a few non-trade analysis tools. Why am I using those? am I a masochist willing to pay while it is available for free? or is it not really avalabile.

Also this :point_up: , can’t stress enough how important this is, you’ll may be need it twice in your trading life, but it might just be the life saver.


For the time being, we are not working on a paid tier. Instead, we are focused on offering as many features as possible for free. Instead of charging people money for things that should be free, our business model relies of scale, innovation and lean operations.

There are features such as Level 2 market data which cost money and can’t be offered for free. We will eventually package them in a premium account because there’s no other way. But right now we are too busy developing more free features for everybody and transform the whole industry…

AutoInvest is a good example. We could have offered it as a premium feature. Instead, it will be free.


Are Trading 212 working on introducing pre hours and after hours trading?.. I would happily pay for that service.

@Amstelland should be soon :soon:

and :crossed_fingers: comes under

It’s not really freemium without paid features though, then it’s just… free.

Not my fancy dividend trinkets :sob:

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Any other information on what might be included in a premium package? Obviously I understand that you aren’t currently working on one and that plans can and do often change, but any tasty tasty tidbits of information on what we might expect to see?

Happy Saturday everyone.

It’s interesting actually. I’ve shopping around trying find some good tools for information, particularly related to the UK.

I’d be happy to pay a subscription, does anyone has any recommendations? is a great resource. too

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With regards to the ‘free’, I’ve trained myself to replace the word ‘free’ with ‘included’.

Trading 212 isn’t free, we open accounts which include a bunch of features and services. We use the account to trade and the platform makes profit.

As long as T212 make a good profit it’s a great model for everyone.

Happy days!


I’m already paying interest nightly holding CFDs, plus fighting against the spread, I don’t need to pay more on top of it!

Also there is no such thing as free. If something is free - YOU are the product.


Precisely. We pay for the service.

“Free stocks & shares ISA”

I’m not sure freetrade understand what free means


I think we got the answer already, from the team directly. Scale plays a huge role.

Things like ‘premium’ market data subscriptions is something brokers almost always pass on to the customers. Which is what you see with Robinhood Gold and other brokers who offer it.

Also, with enough scale and secondary and tertiary revenue streams, there are brokers which offer even L2 and other premium market data subscriptions for free, examples include TDAmeritrade, including my other primary broker, Charles Schwab.

When companies get greedy, or even when customers get greedy, it usually ends benefiting no one.

T212 will continue to offer each and every service they can offer for free, as long as it makes sense and they can make up for the costs from other offerings. (My opinion)


Good suggestion but they are yet to improve their chart. :joy:

I would be pretty interested in a paid tier if it offers 2-3x margin trading. So based on how much you have in your account, you could access double or triple the amount to increase your investing money.

It would be different to the CFDs because it would be primarily orientated to a longer term holding. Only issue I see arising is how would it work? Would it just be 2-3x the Invest account money or could they also include the ISA account as well? Would definitely entice me though if it was for priced fairly like Robinhood Gold.

What is tasty trade? It is not a broker as far as I can Google?

tasty work/trade

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