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Well, it’s more a personal thing, I’m on tech world for more than 15 years, I don’t buy beautiful words of “we want to change the world” and blablabla.
I do really thing that T212 is doing a great job so far, my point is that CFD is something that I don’t like for moral reasons… as I said, personal thing, so I don’t like the idea of a company that I will put all my life savings for decades that strongly relies on something that I don’t approve, ethnically speaking (again, it’s personal), to runs its business.

I do understand that until short ago T212 was a trading platform, that didn’t really focused on retail investors, so it has a big percentage of users that cares only on trading/gambling/speculating and they do profit on them.

Again, it’s personal :wink:

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I’m really encouraged by this response. T212 seems to have a laser-like focus on giving customers what they want insofar as it’s possible, with staff building a platform that they themselves would want to use. Keep to that strategy and the competition’s got no chance.


What will happen if CFD’s are banned in Europe as is currently being suggested online? Will Trading212 then have to introduce a paid subscription service for its basic features?

I am a big fan of the features of Trading212 and a big draw for me was the no fee ISA (Freetrade charge £3 a month) - will a few eventually be introduced for this?

Hi @Dazza2387, is there a source for the CFD ban?
If its just rumours then I don’t think it is a big deal at this stage, as if it is a law then it may well take years to be developed and approved.

I don’t use CFDs though.

Nothing recent in the news, the main source recently has been speculation in online forums (including the Freetrade community).

I know you shouldn’t rely on speculation in forums, I’m just thinking lots of investors may switch from Freetrade to Trading212 following the announcement of the Plus account and I think lots of people will want reassurance that they won’t move to Freetrade and then it is announced that Trading212 are introducing fees for basic features.

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That’s just scaremongering on Feetrade’s part. I was put off switching for a long time because of that sort of thing but I cannot speak highly enough of my experience since switching to T212

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Same, I’m very happy with Trading212 - auto invest and fractional shares in U.K. stocks has been a real game changer for me. I am definitely a long term Trading212 customer now.

replying :eyes:
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Fake news from a toxic source. There’s no official talk whatsoever about changes in the CFD regulation.

Besides, our stock-broking business is on track to become profitable by the end of the year.


I would pay for the pie feature as I have not seen it anywhere else and it looks neat!

A post explaining the current legal environment and projections over the next few years would be great. After googling I could find that CFDs have already been banned in Belgium, for example.

Weren’t they banned about four/five years ago for retail customers? I think that was isolated. I think you can still do CFDs in Belgium but you have to declare yourself pro. Not sure how you are meant to go from nothing to pro, as it can take years to master.

Would have been better forcing a minimum practice mode (like 6 mths) with the same amount of virtual funds they they have in real life for retail customers.

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Every single week we are setting new records with our Invest and ISA accounts. We are now the second biggest broker in the UK in terms of number of accounts (500,000+).

We definitely don’t feel like people lack confidence in us and we don’t want to spend our energy on defending our business model simply because we don’t fit into the VC/crowdfunding cliche.

We’d rather leave that to some other companies without business model and revenue.


Freetrade were on Sky News yesterday and were reported to be the second biggest retail broker in the U.K. with 200,000 subscribers - that must make Trading212 number 1! :+1:t2:


They’re the second biggest by number of trades. Freetrade is an official member of the London Stock Exchange, whereas T212 aren’t (as they route their orders through IB). Minor behind the scenes technical difference that allows Freetrade to market such a claim, even though T212 have more customers.

Why aren’t Trading212 a member is the London Stock Exchange? Does the Company plan to become a member?

It’s not necessary; the main thing is being FCA regulated and compliance with best execution & protection of client assets which they’re no worries.

Have a read of this and may answer your questions:

I have now, thank you.

I understand the FCA regulation for cash, which is great. What I’m slightly unclear on having read the thread is the protection of my shares; if T212 goes out of business (I’m confident it won’t) are my shares protected from the company’s creditors meaning I will retain them regardless of the creditors entitlements?

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My understanding is that FSCS protection is £85,000 for both shares and cash.

Yes. There’s an element of trust that this is the case but it’s certainly nothing to be concerned about if your portfolio is less than £85,000.

How do you achieve this? Is it the recently introduced lending of assets? If so, it’s good to hear you’re doing very well out of it. I’d love the ability to lend out my own shares, but I don’t think we can complain given the product we’re getting for free :slight_smile:

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Just this for £10/ month. What a waste of money. First of all £10 is too much for any add on services which we already have here for free with T212.

However, I will pay £4.99/month for access to borrow up to 75% against portfolio, with free access to paid subscription like morningstar etc, with ability to buy or sell pre and/or post market opening. Basically similar or better than what Robinhood is offering.