Transense Technologies plc

Hi can I request the following london AIM listed share Transense Technologies plc (TRT). Many thanks, Sam

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Hey @Sam1 :wave: We’d love to, however, the company in quеstion is unavailable within our intermediary - IB, so we won’t be able do add it.

Regardless, feel free to submit any other request you might think of and we’ll try our best to go ahead with it.

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Things like this make me feel, T212 is not for me. :face_exhaling: I am willing for trades as commissions to get access to these smaller companies. And that’s why I keep the majority of my holdings with another broker.

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Does IB, the intermediary, have this stock yet? Transense Technologies is an interesting UK business

No. It’s actually quite surprising how limited IB’s UK market offerings are.

It’s traded on the ASX1 segment which IB don’t have access to, along with the following:

  1. ASQ2
  2. ASX1
  3. ASXN
  4. CWT
  5. EUE2
  6. EUE3
  7. EUET
  8. HGS
  9. IOBE
  10. IOBS
  11. IOBU
  12. MISC
  13. MISL
  14. SFM1
  15. SFM2
  16. SFM3
  17. SSX3
  18. SSX4
    (full thread here: Stocks & ETFs requests Help - :mailbox_with_mail: Stocks & ETFs requests - Trading 212 Community)
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You could always search the availability in the Interactive Brokers site:

Maybe they don’t have many customers interested in the UK market (at the least, in the mentioned LSE segments). If not, they already had that LSE segments. :wink: