Tru layer isn’t working!

Is there a problem? It has previously worked for me!

There’s an unexpected downtime of one of the banks, affecting instant deposits. We’ll share any updates as they become available :pray:

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Oh that hopefully is it! Do you know the bank names?

Sure - it’s Barclays UK Plc .

I’ve a problem then as I use Lloyds, what to do as it was okay the other day!
Are Lloyds and Barclays together maybe some how!

212 use Barclays I believe

Arh I get it now, 212 issue with their banks and Tru Layer service, Thank you :slight_smile:

Just a quick status update, guys - the matter is now resolved. Thank you for your patience :pray:

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Hi guys the issue is back again, truelayer is buffering again and not processing transfers…

I’ve sent you a DM, @Gavin212. Please check your inbox. :inbox_tray: