Trump refusing to sign stimulus bill

Busy couple of minutes for Trump, pardon a few traitors purely because they supported him then refuse to sign the stimulus bill…

He wants $600 direct payments bumped to $2000, more support for restaurants and “wasteful items” cut.

US markets will be interesting tomorrow…


Do you know what garbage is in that Bill? 6000 pages and they got only a few hours to read the bill. Does not matter which side does it, nobody should vote if you haven’t read all of the Bill. They always sneak in stuff that is unrelated. And when was the last time big government helped? First they make things worst and then they have a non solution. Open up the economy is the only solution


EU market too and maybe UK…oh black Friday :rofl:

Futures don’t look bad surprisingly!

Maybe he will yield eventually after pressure, just like with the election.

Or maybe he will be a crybaby, get cranky again and play big strong stubborn man. Another ingredient for volatile end of 2020 if you ask me

Both sides have been putting together that since July so they will know what’s in it. It had to go through both the house of representatives and the senate where nearly everyone voted yes in agreement. Edit: 92-6

Whilst I personally agree $600 is low this is just Trump causing as much damage on his way out flinging his toys out the pram and yet another tactic and desperate attempt to prolong his Golf and Twitter and not jail.

The covid relief bill includes “$1.3bn for Egypt and the Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment,”

He has a point though.

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I haven’t seen or read the bill but past records shows trump says all sorts.

I don’t hate the guy, just can’t trust imo

Trump refusing to sign stimulus bill. Bullish.

For all the things he definitely is the one thing he’s not is stupid

Oh he definitely has a point, the bill is full of stuff that doesn’t need to be in there. However the bill has been worked on for months, in collaboration with Trump’s team at the White House.

Also the $600 figure has been known for a long time.

This is Trump getting back at the republicans who refused to stay loyal to him. He knows full well the bill is veto proof i.e. Congress could override the veto with enough votes but this can only happen on the 28th at the earliest - the existing COVID related protections expire on the 26th.

Trump gets to look like he cares (when he clearly doesn’t or he /his team would’ve said something earlier) while also making the republicans who didn’t back him look bad. Good play but selfish and not a good outcome for people currently scraping by.

That is very naive of you to think they will not make changes the last minute to sneak in some stuff they like. Stimulus checks are not even a temporary fix, someone will have to pay the price eventually.

It’s a bipartisan bill so who is they. Both sides have contributed and agreed in majority of what it consists. They both check and agree, out of 98, 92 have said yes. The amendments are well documented so it’s not a case they can suddenly shove something on page 1,256 and hope absolutely nobody notices. Everyone is on this like a hawk.


It seems like typical bravado and playing with people lives. Yes, 600 is low but it will make a huge difference to people living hand to mouth.

I wonder because trump was not involved in the negotiations, it’s a parting shot to try to rush through 2000 and say “that was me”

They is both sides are guilty of this practice. I have no illusions that it is just the Democrats that do it. And watching like a hawk, i do not think so.

It’s incredible how fast the situation has deteriorated in the US. Who would have thought the country would be such a mess just a couple of years ago. Cherry on the cake would be a coup :smiley:

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On regular bills they both do this all the time agreed. However this is one of most important bills in recent time. We are talking thousands of lawyers scrutinising every word. So whilst both sides can makes changes last minute they are documented and read by many thousands of eyes from both sides.

And that is why i said they as in both sides. Too bad a lot of stuff went in there that has nothing to do with covid relief and that puts the blame on both parties. Now it is wait and see what is going to happen. The only thing that is certain, is that the citizens and small business owners are once again screwed over.