Trying to own a round number of shares

Good morning,
Initially, I’ve let the Pie invest mechanism to buy some $PBA shares (which you can buy fractionally). Logically, it bought a number of shares which is not rounded. So I owned 23,xxxxx shares.
Yesterday, I tryied to buy the complement of shares in order to own 24 shares (rounded).
But unfortunately in the BUY order screen, I could not add enough digits after the coma.

Result, I now own 23.999999 shares; i.e. not 24 shares:

Question : is it possible to make a BUY order so that after the order completion we own a rounded number of shares ?
And if yes, how to configure this BUY order ?

Thank you in advance for you replies :slight_smile:

Not sure there is currently way to do it. There was talk that we would see this option in future. When? Who knows. :man_shrugging:

How I would do it, with loss of cent or two.

I would add all whole shares to pie, sell 0.99999 and buy 1.


Thanks for your tip !
As you said, in the absence of official / nice solution, that would be a work-around…

Have a nice day!