Twitter & More Characters

Is investing all about who bought the stock :thinking:

Mr Musk chucks in money on twitter and everyone jumps on board and am guessing when he sells everyone sell and that’s how to become a successful investor :rofl:

He sold Tesla to buy Twitter, wouldn’t have guessed in a million attempts that he would do that.

Well, it depends, if he has voting power and can help with some decisions, it is a good thing and might help the company in being better.

Why don’t people say the same when Buffet buys something and the price goes up? Or when he sells and prices go down (for example when he sold Airline stocks).


There is a background to this story, Elon was thinkering either to create new platform or buy existing one.
Guess he decided to just buy twitter.

Most of story about “new platform” is due to recent events where our media warlords started to decide what is true and what is “misinformation” even tho most truth was deemed later as “misinformation” and most misinformation was deemed truth.

For instance Hunter Biden laptop story originally posted 2020, was deemed as Russian disinformation and New York Post got banned from Twitter for breaking the story, come forward 2022. It is now factual truth, accepted by mainstream media.