Twitter goes private. What now?

What will happen with our shares? T212 cashes them out for Musk’s promised price?

Yeah. When the deal goes through.

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So we can pretty much dump all our savings into the stock as long as it’s below the Musk price?

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You could, but there’s always the possibility that the deal doesn’t go through.


Of course, if Meta would buy it, I’d be worried about it not going through bcuz of regulations.

I really hope the deal fails and Twitter stays on the stock exchange.

From non investment perspective.

This is the best thing that happened in last couple years of msm hysteria and “misinformation campaign”.

When I see MSM condeming the move, I know it is a positive thing, last 2 years thought me, what msm preaches, opposite = truth.

Something similar to what Jim Cramer calls with stonks, you do opposite = profit.


You bought at $70?

I share @Vedran’s oppinion - this is probably the best this could happen to Twitter (time will tell, ofc).


No, I do not own Twitter shares at all. I just believe that it’s a huge mistake to allow one, very questionable, individual to own such important platform as Twitter is and it’s all about his freedom from accountability and pushing personal political agenda.

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As apposed to the stellar job they’ve done. :grin:

The laptop does exist.


Silly question guys: did Elon Musk or Tesla buy Twitter? I assume Musk did with his private funds, what do you think why did Tesla drop like 9% on the news, I am confused.

Musk is all over the whole place with different unrelated companies, some investors just don’t like the distractions that comes with it

edit: forgot to mention bitcoin too

U realize almost the entire market dropped today? Not only Tesla.

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Probably because it’s stock is being used against an asset that’s widely derided.

Will Musk allow Donnie Trump back to Twitter? :wink:

IF Musk really buys Twitter, there will be a potential for litigation with EU and UK legislators and regulators about the “free speech”. (Well, EU and UK will need new revenues to pay the Ukraine reconstruction :slight_smile: ):

As Musk is using credit to buy Twitter, will this huge debt influence Tesla and other Musk’s subsidiaries?

For example, if the other Musk’s companies need a capital increase, will Musk be able to finance them accordingly? :thinking:

I don’t think it makes a difference. He is effectively using his own personal shares as collateral for the loan as I understand. Totally different to a company needing to raise funds.

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Because Vanguard, Blackrock, and Morgan Stanley were such bastions of freedom for the the individual :wink: I’m only somewhat joking here. I feel Elon may be better than these organisations.


True, musk does fund the holes in the companies with his own money. I’m hoping Tesla is past that now though.

There’s a huge difference between an investment company like Vanguard holding some shares and a narcissistic liar buying the whole company. Musk will not make Twitter a better place, just like he didn’t change any place to be better. Mind you, he cancelled a Tesla order because someone was mean to him online, regularly bans critics on Twitter, wanted to kill a whistleblower and hates workers who want to unionise, and there’s many, many more situations like that. Musk wants freedom from accountability for himself, he doesn’t care about free speech or building a better tomorrow. I really hope the deal fails and Twitter stays publicly traded.

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