Pointless debate

That old man is outdated compared to the new generation. Elon musk has a bigger networth then Charlige munger and warren buffet combined. And yet he is almost half there ages.

Buffet took over berkshire in 1962. All probs to him obv for doing what he has done, berkshire market cap is at 583$ billion (took 59 years compared to current date)

Elon musk took over tesla in 2003, and he has achived a market cap of 715$ billion (took 18 years compared to current date)

Yet the facts that wealth can be accumilated much, much faster now is a obvious thing.

These old men just wont get out the comfort zones.

And before you go at it, elon this elon that, same applies for Jeff bezoz (hes a bit older then musk tho)

New times = New oppertunities / investments
Dont limit yourselves couse other’s have a opinion

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This is deja vu 1999s speach, by the “upcoming wallstreet dot com investors.”

Are we talking about paper money or investing outperforming for decades?

Because if we talk about outperforming S&P500, we all know who winners are.

Also if you really believe Bezos or Musk are richest folks on earth, you need to think twice. Most of their “wealth” is tied to one company net worth. Can be up 50% one year, down 80% next.

On top of the fact that really rich people don’t want to get public exposure(can think local, for example your own country, are the really super rich families exposed to media?), so my personal opinion is they are not even close to folks running the puppets show. (Hint: Blackrock AUM is around 8.67 Trillion dollars, Vanguard similar around 6.2 Trillon, etc)

“Just because it seems you are right at this moment in time, doesn’t mean I am wrong in the long run.”

We will be able to reflect on 2020/21 and all the craziness in few years time.


Good points, but your argument is invalid.
If apple drops, buffet is toast.
It’s common to have a core investment.
I mean buffet use to say “all it takes is really 1,2 stocks to make you rich”

And if we dident have the . com era where would the world be now? Time for changes to appear again, dont be afraid of leaving your comfort zone

But yea well see after 2021, when the digital era gets pushed even faster

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Well we can have this debate for days.

But at end, my original post was referring to listening other people’s “investment advice”.

Member posted videos of I believe Andrei Jikh, while some folks regard him as valid source of information(some as entertainment),
I personally rather spend time listening to tried and tested over long period.


And i was refering to the video of Charlie munger that you posted.
But yea we could go on, and on, and on.

Any ways, have a nice day!

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So then, should have compared Jikh to Munger?

Where do Bezos and Musk fit the referral?

Those we just external examples just like

Have a nice day mister.Vedran hehe :slight_smile:

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Bare in mind the amount of economic turmoil these guys have lived through as well though, god knows how many collapses there’s been, how many fads there’s been. They’ve stuck to their principles through this time. I don’t know this for a fact but I bet for instance the yahoo or AOL owners may of had a bigger net worth at some point due to the market cap.

Credit to Elon, he’s a showman and Tesla are obviously a great company but Jesus, it just doesn’t make sense. At present there are a lot of people will to pay a lot for Tesla common stock. Will this continue? Who knows we’ll see. Part of why the market cap has gained so much traction is because the way the world is now as you say. But it’s also a thematic stock.


Dotcom bubble all over again. You see it with all EV stocks. IPO or SPAC? Everybody is hyping “This is the new Tesla!”. I lost count of all the “new Teslas”.

My advice to all younger investors, dive in the history of the dotcom bubble. History repeats itself fueled by commission free investing platforms.


Pick a stock using a random ticker generating machine. Flip a coin whether you should short or long. 50% of the time this approach works every time.

This is financial advice. Anybody reading this can expect a bill in the post.

(Long story short, this entire debate falls under “nobody knows”)


Well…Jihk owns Pokemon Cards…:laughing:

Munger is someone people should listen to with his experiences at least.

Jihk makes good points but he talks about Hype Stuff most of the time now.

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between someone who is wealthy now after a long bull market, compared to someone who grew his wealth over many years, both bull and bear. I know who I will listen to for advice, the one who has experienced it all. :rofl:

If I want market advice, I’m going to munger. If I want to run a business then perhaps I will consult with bezos and musk.


There are just assets under management, other people’s money, not of an individual.

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I dont know what I am suggesting with these comments but some things to think about:

  1. Money earn’t quickly often can be lost quickly, so companies like Teslas rise may also have crashes.

  2. Berkshire Hathaway have more than just their stock holdings, they own a bunch of companies outright which generate great cash flow.

  3. Following point 3, they are monsters at creating great cash flow generation, if I had to choose between Tesla or BRK stock, I would buy BRK.

It is comparing apples and oranges, but I would more easily give an investor like Buffet control of my cash than a innovator like Musk. Both are successful but I am not investing in either right now.


Posting a video about someone (Andrei in this case) doesn’t mean that’s their only resource of market info. You would have to be a clown to make investment decisions just because someone said it’d be a good idea…or can just call it gambling/speculating. How do you know that DD and research has not been done? It doesn’t have to be one or the other between Buffet or Elon. Enough pie to go around. Choose yours. Jump in and out. Make money fgs. Good research, strong conviction, whole lotta luck, enough hype and diamond ba**s made roaring kitty (dfv) a multi-millionaire.

Exactly. It’s AUM not someone’s net worth.

There’s always going to be people who like their AT&T and KO dividends (safe as can be) way more than future prospects and capital gains in companies like TSLA and other disruptive techs.

Correct, but there is middle ground here.

For instance, TSLA revenue is forecast to grow around 30% YOY say, that’s a hell of a long time to come close to the current valuation.

This is obviously not just strictly exclusive to TSLA and is the same in a lot of cases as previously described.

It will all depends on beliefs and risk tolerances. I’m probably somewhere in the middle

In that case, you probably already know that his major holding is VTI, keeps mill+ in cash for opportunities and has a diversified portfolio including but not limited to crypto ,collectibles, NFTs etc. Not a YOLO guy.

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