UK Housing stocks

I personally wouldn’t buy property in another country unless i went there lots and knew the place, to many potential issues. Better to get exposure through companies/REITs of those countries I expect.

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The Nasdaq has come down 2000 from
14000. How did you get closed out without profit?

Went to 14600 middle of March and inshorted end of Feb…

So…what are we all thinking now?

Guessing a risky bet right now, with rising rates and cost inflation not sure which way it will go. If house prices dont suffer next 12 months then from now you will probably make solid money as ones like TW close to NAV. But I think risk reward there are better options right now. But who knows, the govt keep propping up housing so could be worse entries here at NAV.

Interesting that the US house-builders getting crushed recently, and their property market seems to be weakening faster than ours so might be a proxy to see what we could be in for.

Which housing stock do you hold, is it TW?

Surprised people not really talking about Barratt homes they are the biggest developer in the UK.

Whats everyones thoughts on Bellway? It’s trading at 2,080p right now.

Working in the sector, I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy any Housebuilder.


oops I’ve been buying them & suppliers plus, Ive got so far TW, perssimon, Barratts, Travis perkins, ibstock, rightmove, bellway, redrow on my housing portfolio

The house builders are much better capitalised than 2008, they’re still too shareholder friendly for me atm.

Here’s me blabbing about one in the industry I do like:

I don’t hold any, I think last time I did was when I sold TW near end of 2021. However if I was looking for housing exposure right now I would buy TW happily at this 100-105p level as I type. Its now down to 2020 pandemic lows it seems.

However I have added to Tritax Big Box REIT (warehouse) recently at 165p levels, as I prefer that to a house builder right now at those valuations.

Incoming stamp duty cut it seems.

Property has always been a touchy issue with almost all PM’s they would always provide life support and resuscitation anytime regardless.

I have been buying TW at 104. Its a good price to start a position in for the long-term.

I am researching BBOX.L and at the moment I think that is extremely undervalued, I have a question in regard to Property Income Distribution withholding tax. Is it 20% for everyone (including investors from the EU?). Thus, the next dividend will be 1.675 p per share gross which means 1.34 p per share net. Is my understanding correct? Thank you for your time.

Don’t know enough on that as UK people would normally hold these in an ISA or Pension account so you receive the dividends in full (1.675p). I believe if you hold it in a taxable account then yes the PIDs would be taxed 20%.

If you are EU investor thats out of my knowledge base but someone may advise, are there equivalents of ISA/Pension that can protect against the tax hit on distributions.