UNWORKABLE to own many stocks

Please add the dropdown menu for the WEB APP for easy navigation of stocks, like it was in the Legacy web app.

At present if you buy a lot of different stocks it is very hard to move them around and i have to limit the amount that i own or it becomes very bad navigating on the chart tab.

This is a major issue.

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I agree with you that active trading with more stocks is going to be difficult. I think that, as I suggested in the ideas forum, they can learn something from Plus500’s web interface.

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In the Legacy web app, they made it simple, by having a dropdown menu with stocks if you had many, on the right hand side.

It is simple to implement as they already had the same layout before.

I like the view of TradingView

But to be honest the Advanced view (click on the House Icon top center of your screen and select Advanced view)
is fine enough

Or an alternative would be to allow a person in Standard view to be able to minimise the news section which is pointless for most people as they use other news sources, so that they can see their investment information, showing your investment and gains, instead which is far more important!


If you really want to get rid of it and T212 is not adding the functionality,
you can use an adblocker like adblocker ultimate click the symbol which saysn Block Element and select the box.
you can preview if the blocked element is removed properly and then make it permanent.

But if you want to quickly switch between different assets, the current advanced display on the PC isn’t user-friendly enough in my opinon. I’d prefer to have all assets displayed above the chart so that you can switch quickly. like in this picture:


I understand what you are saying as a workaround, but that would still not move the “YOUR INVESTMENT” tab up which is the most important piece of information in an investment :slight_smile:

@Wit can you comment on this easy fix, to be able to minimise or the ability to custom swap the NEWS tab for the INVESTMENT tab?

Thank you.

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