Urgent: Pending Order Cancellation Problem

Thanks for this. I had been seeing lists of securities advertised on here in previous releases. I assumed they would do the same. Freetrade does as it drops new shares – I’ve been notified by them twice this week, now. Maybe they don’t advertise it here any more. I’ll think about what to do next.

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@David Sounds great! Though, are you sure this is the case for all Trading212 account types including Trading212 Invest? I noticed a number of features (e.g. Trailing Stop, 5 mins chart) that are available to Trading212 CFD are not available to Trading212 Invest.

It seems quite a few users in the community have experienced similar issues with Limit/Pending Orders, are we working on any fix to prevent these from happening again a in the future?

@SWPhilosophy Agreed, new issuance available to trade notification could be useful! My guess is, if the platform uses Interactive Broker, perhaps most new issuances in US & EU should be available on the platform? So one simply need to track new IPOs from a 3rd party provider e.g. Seeking Alpha’s Wall Street Breakfast Weekend Edition highlights the noteworthy IPOs in the coming week.

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I have experienced the same today.

I tried to sell my stock but due to fast market movement downwards it didn’t get filled and sat for a min.
I decided to cancel my order before I lost any profits and then it all went wrong!!!
The stock sat in cancel pending status for over 20min and when I contacted 212 support they advised they were not able to do anything and passed the info on to the exchange. I lost a whole day of trading as all my funds was lockedup in that one stock… They are unable to give any eta and the stock has lost any profit it was worth.
I really hope the pending status will be removed tomorrow so I can trade.
Customer service really needs to improve. No eta of resolution or if and when it will be fixed. Just sitting in front of screen watching my stock loss value and helpless.

What stock was it? Might help diagnosed the problem.

Lithium Americas LAC still pending and no update from 212 support.

@imtiajmeah Could you private message me your trading account’s email address, please?

I’d like to check what’s going on.

Thanks David. I’ve sent you a DM. As you can see I’m still waiting for my stock to be released… Lost over £700 due to yesterday’s lockout and still no resolution or eta.

Cracks are showing now with Trading 212.

I bought another share today “Novacyt” sitting in pending status for over 1:30hours… When asked 212 they advised it is on AIM exchange so can’t guaranty it being filled. When I asked to cancel the trade they again said it can’t be cancelled and I will have to wait for a fill at a time or day they cant confirm. The trade since has gone against me and they are unable to do anything… Confidence is slowly being eaten away.

I have 2 trades in pending status now. Cant cancel or trade on them… Money locked up and 212 cant give any eta of resolution. could be Hours, Days, hopefully not months… till then im losing money and not a care in the world.

Customer service is measured on how well they deal with issues… In the 2 times I’ve had to reach out they have failed.


@imtiajmeah We’re looking into the case with the stuck order. As for Novacyt:

Was there not a warning that this could happen when buying AIM stocks? I thought there’s a new pop up warning for these ones.

I was thinking the same thing to suggest going forward to ensure a warning was displayed. But to confirm and answer your question No warning was displayed or that it is an AIM stock.