Sick of seeing this and cant cancel or anything

@David I’m starting to get annoyed with the way there is no way to cancel an order when this is happening, it’s happening WAY to many times and also, it sold my position in this specific stock when I cancelled it yersterday

@revelcsi1iicidem This doesn’t depend on us, we can’t make an order modifiable that hasn’t even been acknowledged by the exchanges yet.

We route the order to IB. IB route it to LSE (example). Until LSE acknowledges the order “:+1:” we don’t get a confirmation response from IB because they don’t get one from LSE.

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@David Is it a case when the request gets to LSE they create a new ID their side and respond with it

Once you have that ID back you could then send a second request saying cancel this ID.

Unless LSE have sent a second response before then saying that the ID has been executed.

I’ve had times where I’ve waited like 20 mins for that spinning cog where I’ve wanted to cancel but couldn’t as the price had moved, does that mean you were waiting for LSE to then send to IB to send back to you?

Its a horrible situation to be in, can anything thing be done or in hindsight use limit orders.

When there’s usual delays in them responding is there a flag symbol that could be shown to warn that orders might be delayed?

:warning: We’ve detected that LSE are taking forever to respond to recent orders

Use a limit order to be sure you get what you wanted as execution could be delayed. If you place a market order we cant do anything about that spinning processing cog if you did want to cancel after you press send, and you might be out of luck.

Whilst talking about a heads up can we also get:

:warning: Auction

Any orders placed on this are not instant. The auction uncrossings are scheduled to take place at 8am, 9am , 11am, 2pm and 4:35pm

Fair enough it’s just so annoying even though I just clicked buy, I shouldn’t be wanting to be sell but got you!