US30 short position

it was indeed the US30

They are doing absolutely NOTHING to resolve this so I have reported it to the Financial Ombudsman.

@David @George @Team212

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hope it gets resolved soon for you mate

@David @George @Team212 , all of my rollover adjustments are 160 points plus for the rollover I have complained about.

Care to explain?

Your shambles of a company seem to have no real way of explaining anything with any merit of sense.

Even with a 150 point drop all of my positions are still in negative territory.

@David @George @Team212

DailyFX had it as one of its tweets … FML I need a sweet 5000 drop on the Dow to get some decent entry points

Hi guys,

@David @George @Team212

Care to explain why I’ve been blocked on twitter?

No answers to any questions.

Not accountable for anything. It’s ridiculous. You are a sham company and you must be brought to justice.

@tobiacassandro We’ve explained everything countless times. Since you don’t agree with any of the calculations we’ve provided, you’re more than welcome to raise your case with the relevant authorities but please, don’t spread any more nonsense & ridiculous claims on the community, that won’t be tolerated.


I gave already but you do not listen!

I have already reported it and being blocked and denied a voice is ridiculous!

I had the same issue but I am afraid to say that @David is correct.

The jump was a real jump and even if the position rolled over at the correct time, the price would have been the same.

Which bit are you complaining about?