Can someone look at a trade of mine?

Gulf marine services. Set a stop loss at 9.74 when the price went up to 10.40. Whilst away for a few minutes it seems to have triggered and sold at 9,40.
However, the price in that time went up to 11. I can’t see any indication on the charts there was any dip at all. The price is still going up too

Remember the T212 is plotting the ask. So the lowest ask was 9.90 but the lowest bid looked like 9:38 incredibly briefly.

Looking at the trades I can see the lowest sold for 9:38 so I’m guessing the spread unfortunately opened wide at that point of uncertainty.

So to me looks like an unlucky case of a too tight stop loss. You got stopped out. :neutral_face:

Thanks Phil, appreciate the input :slight_smile: