Value Investing Community

Hello fellow investors!

I’m reaching out to see if any like-minded individuals here are interested in forming a dedicated community focused on value investing within the Trading212 platform. The idea is to create a space where we can share insights, analysis, and discussions on various stocks, with a keen eye on uncovering hidden gems that embody the principles of value investing.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, if you have a passion for digging deep into financials, understanding business fundamentals, and identifying stocks that the market undervalues, this could be a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate and improve our investing acumen.

It would be paramount that we foster a respectful and constructive environment where all members can learn, share, and grow. If you’re interested in joining or have ideas on how we can shape this community, please reply to this post or send a private message.

I am looking forward to your responses and am excited to embark on this journey together!

P.S. If there is already something similar and I have missed it, please feel free to direct me towards it.


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I would love to be in a community. I would welcome more discussion of companies, ideas, etc

Well you can count me in, this is what is needed, with the hope to becoming better invertors

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Great, I am glad you are interested. Let’s see if we can get somebody else to join forces, and then we can start outlining something for the first post.

Hey, everyone :wave:

There is already a “Value investing” group within the in-app social that’s available on the mobile version of the app. Feel free to share any insights over there or exchange ideas.

If this suggestion is regarding the Community here, I’ll pass the feedback to the team. In the meantime, you can use this topic to discuss value investing and share information :pray:

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Hi Momchil,
I think it would be great to have something set up here rather than only on mobile Apps.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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I very rarely look at the mobile community and it has a very different vibe


I would be more than happy to create something here, and is there is someone else focused on value investing like me I would gladly accept some help :wink:

I am interesting in identifying undervalued companies but I tend to focus on technical analysis and research companies that I like the looks of

Well, with value investing, you forget technical analysis and use a bit of it only to double-check that you are not entering at the beginning of a dip and not exiting at the beginning of a run.

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Never done this. It’s nonsense tea leaves stuff.

Value investing is not based on opinions but on evidence-based research over the past several decades tracing back to the early 1900’s.

Despite the vast and volatile changes in the economy and securities markets during the last several decades, value investing has proven to be the most successful money management strategy ever developed.
Value investors’ success over the second half of the twentieth century proved not only the validity of the value approach but its preeminence over even the most widely taught and practised modern investment theory, which was developed in the 1950s and ’60s and remains dominant even today.

Just as another matter of fact, the most successful investors have used the value investing strategy throughout their careers and still do.

There are multiple resources explaining how value investing works. Unfortunately, the only negative side is that it requires a lot of knowledge about financial analysis to identify those companies selling at a discount compared to their intrinsic value.

One of the purposes of this community is to educate people about this investment strategy. No shortcuts and magic formulas are involved, though.

Here is a very interesting article:

Not sure if you meant to reply to me or not, but if so that has nothing to do with what I wrote.

I’m not sure what you meant, and my post aims to offer some further clarifications about the reliability of this investing strategy before we start delving into it.
I hope our fellow investors will find that useful, especially the attached article.

If you want value, check out some Investment Trusts. FCIT is fairly basic, but outperforms consistently popular long term cheaper All World Equity funds. The key, in my opinion is the entry point. Investment Trusts trade at a premium or discount to their underlying value. This is easy to determine if the assets of the Trust are all listed on an exchange. One of the reasons they can outperform, is they are capable of using leverage and have a fixed pool of assets as they are closed end funds.



I’m not saying to buy it, but for a patient investor Investment Trusts when purchased at the right time can potentially increase returns.


The outperformance is mainly down to the fact that trusts are always managed, whereas other products such as ETFs may not be.
Although this could grow into a very long conversation, we might say that for the long-term investor, who wants to have their money working hard for them in the background, investment trusts with their ability to be purchased at a discount to net asset value an element of gearing and usually relatively attractive fees might be a better bet.
However, ETFs are still great products offering similar performance to trusts while usually being more tax efficient.
It really boils down to the investor’s preferences and investment timeline.

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