Value Investing on trading 212

Applying value investing principles on trading 212 is very difficult due to the lack of stocks available around the world.

Most people know stocks are cheap in Japan - but trading 212 has limited Japanese stocks.

There are many other countries that have stocks available at low PEs; that tick most of the value principles; but due to lack of availability one has to miss out.

I also like many Taiwanese companies; but hardly any available, especially tech stocks.

Most people on trading 212 are loaded on known/common stocks. Hence; those that are seeking to invest based on value principles on relatively unknown stocks; will find it very difficult.

Will trading 212 look into this? And add more Japanese/Taiwanese stocks in ISA?

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Know this doesn’t answer your question directly, but have a look the at Baillie Gifford Japanese Trust and the Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon (Japanese smaller companies).

I see your point about value investing relating to emerging markets, we just have to see what the future holds. :crossed_fingers:

I believe they have plans to add some Canadian stocks in the future :canada:

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I am not sure what you mean by value investing, but there are plenty of stocks that fall into that category on T212. What criteria are you using to determine value investment?

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If you compare the earnings multiples of tech companies and the dividend yield on offer in Japan/Taiwan; it is fairly very cheap compared to big tech.

A lot of these companies also have good return on equity + strong cash position; and they are going to take more market share going forward.