Vanguard FTSE North America (VNRT) price not updating?

No updates since close on May 30th. Can’t find any reason for this here on the community or elsewhere online. I find it very hard to believe it would be a liquididity issue.
Can T212 offer any explanation for this?


Just tried selling a tiny amount and it was actioned within seconds at a sensible-looking price based on pricing listed elsewhere online. Seems to just be a “cosmetic” issue on T212 side.

Looking at it elsewhere it has moved over the last few days but looking at the chart on the london stock exchange website it seems like it is fairly illiquid but has moved daily. I’ve seen T212 price not updating on other illiquid stock. Purely a guess but it may depend on how trades are done as to whether it registers on T212 (ie off-book trades may not register) but that’s just a guess

Hey, @stevo125 :wave:

@WakeMeUp is correct. Vanguard FTSE North America (VNRT) seems to have low liquidity, hence there are fewer quotes displayed on the charts. Once there are quotes, they’ll be reflected on the charts accordingly :v: